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Juicy J Gets ‘Trippy’ With New Line of Rolling Papers

Aside from his other Trippy merchandise, Juicy J is now dabbling in the greenery market with the release of his very own signature Trippy Papers.

Marijuana rolling papers, the new item is now available via his online marketplace ranging in price from $2.00 (1 Pack) all the way up to $15.00 (12 Pack). The papers aren’t the only products available on the Taylor Gang culprit’s webstore however: fans will be able to find an assortment of goodies including everything from ‘Turn Up’ laced beanies, tees, styrofoam cups and more.

Check out the site for more.—XXL Staff

The Trippy Mane releases his own brand of rolling papers…

Trippy papers

Accessing Trello, YouTube, and Proceedings

We would like to thank everyone who participated in SIGDIAL 2020! We have been receiving feedback that it was a positive experience for many. Thank you to those who led or participated in breaktout sessions!

The SIGDIAL 2020 proceedings are now on the ACL Anthology Website. The Trello board is also now public, though registered participants can still use the comment feature. Finally, the SIGDIAL 2020 YouTube Channel is also now public, including recorded live streams and some of the breakout sessions. The videos are part of session playlists. Note that some of the videos have been removed (in some cases from the recorded live streams), per request of the authors.

Best Paper Awards

TripPy: A Triple Copy Strategy for Value Independent Neural Dialog State Tracking — Michael Heck, Carel van Niekerk, Nurul Lubis, Christian Geishauser, Hsien-Chin Lin, Marco Moresi and Milica Gasic

Is Your Goal-Oriented Dialog Model Performing Really Well? Empirical Analysis of System-wise Evaluation — Ryuichi Takanobu, Qi Zhu, Jinchao Li, Baolin Peng, Jianfeng Gao and Minlie Huang

(Nominee) Learning from Mistakes: Combining Ontologies via Self-Training for Dialogue Generation — Lena Reed, Vrindavan Harrison, Shereen Oraby, Dilek Hakkani-Tur and Marilyn Walker

Dear SIGDIAL 2020 Participants (July 1, 2020),
You can join today’s proceedings by following the YouTube link to the SIGDIAL 2020 Live Stream. We encourage participants to join the Trello board for more interaction with other participants (see information below about joining the Trello board).

Dear SIGDIAL 2020 Participants (June 30, 2020),
Everyone who has registered for SIGDIAL should have received an email with the subject line “SIGDIAL 2020 Participation Information”. That email contained instructions on how to join the SIGDIAL 2020 Trello board. If you did not receive this email, please check your spam folder.

Also, the proceedings are now available.

Dear SIGDIAL 2020 Participants (June 25, 2020),
We will be hosting the conference using the Trello platform. All keynotes and paper presentations have been pre-recorded and hosted on YouTube. Participants can access papers and presentations via the Trello website. We will also be using Zoom for live Q/A and breakout discussion sessions, so please be sure to install the latest version of Zoom. More detailed information will be emailed soon. Live Q/A and breakout sessions will be held at 7:30am-8pm on July 1, 5am-8pm on July 2, and 5am to 10am on July 3 in MDT (GMT-6). The schedule has been posted. We will soon send an email to all registered participants with information on how to access the Trello conference platform.

Dear SIGdial Community (June 9, 2020),
The list of accepted papers has been posted, and registration is now open! Please follow the menu bar above.

Dear SIGdial Community (May 27, 2020),
SIGDIAL 2020 will take place Virtually on the scheduled dates of July 1-3, 2020. We will soon have registration information and participation instructions on our website.

Dear SIGdial Community (April 24, 2020),
We hope you and your families are safe and well. We can now confirm that in response to COVID-19 we will be holding SIGDIAL 2020 as a virtual conference, on the original dates of July 1-3, 2020. We will have pre-recorded talks and demos, and will be planning various live events like Q&A sessions, mentoring and spaces for “hallway” conversations. In addition to presenting virtually this year, the authors of accepted papers will have the opportunity to present their work next year at SIGDIAL 2021 as well in a form that will be decided and communicated later. In addition, because many in our SIGDIAL community have their lives and schedules affected by COVID-19, we have decided to slightly slow down the reviewing process to grant everyone more time to fit SIGDIAL responsibilities into their other responsibilities. Giving this the notification of acceptance will be delayed by two days to April 28, 2020 and camera-ready deadline extended to May 18, 2020. We will shortly update our calendar of important dates. We’ll be posting more details on registration in the next few weeks and more on the mechanics of the virtual conference soon.

Warmly, Gabriel Skantze, SIGdial President, in behalf of the SIGDIAL 2020 Organizing Committee

Dear SIGdial Community (March 24, 2020),
We wanted to let everyone know our plans with regard to COVID-19. First, we want to reassure everyone that SIGDIAL 2020 will take place in some form, and papers accepted to SIGDIAL will be published. Since SIGDIAL 2020 is co-located with ACL in Seattle, we are coordinating our efforts with them. We are considering the possibility of either a virtual or a postponed conference. We will keep you posted on any updates regarding this decision. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] Please take care of yourself and each other.

Gabriel Skantze, SIGdial President, in behalf of the SIGDIAL 2020 Organizing Committee

Trippy papers Accessing Trello, YouTube, and Proceedings We would like to thank everyone who participated in SIGDIAL 2020! We have been receiving feedback that it was a positive experience