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Trump boarded Air Force One with toilet paper stuck to his shoe

The look of a man who had toilet paper on his shoe and no one told him.

In an image that perfectly encapsulates the shitstorm that is 2018, President Donald Trump boarded Air Force One on Thursday afternoon with a bit of what looked to be toilet paper stuck to his shoe.

WATCH: President Trump boards Air Force One with what appears to be toilet paper stuck to his shoe

The incident happened as Trump was departing Minneapolis (where he’d made a fundraising appearance) to fly to a rally in Rochester, Minnesota. After sticking with the president all the way up the stairs to his plane, the paper finally loosened its grip once Trump walked aboard.

Now, this can happen to even the best of us, but there are still some lingering questions about this particular incident. Perhaps the biggest one is: how did no one tell him about it?

That is not just a small piece stuck to a shoe. That’s a solid few sheets he’s walking around with and someone had to have seen it. He’s surrounded by at least a dozen people at all times. Do his aides hate him so much that they wouldn’t tell him about the toilet paper?

This was not lost on Twitter users, either.

I have chased strangers down a hallway to help them get toilet paper off of their shoe. This saga everything you need to know about how little the people surrounding Trump like or respect him.

I wonder how many people saw the toilet paper and snickered, “Don’t tell him.”

Trump with toilet paper on his shoe. and nobody told him!

Trump boarding AF1 today with toilet paper stuck to his shoe. Trump has no friends.

But there are even more questions that we need answered.

What kind of toilet paper is this? We know the president gets all sorts of amenities, from the bullet-and-explosion-proof “Beast” to bulletproof suits. Is this toilet paper also bulletproof? Because how else can you explain it being on his shoe from, presumably, the venue where he spoke to his car, the trip to Air Force One, and then the walk up the steps? That is some indestructible toilet paper.

Is this the greatest prank of all time? If so, who is responsible?

Does the Secret Service’s job not involve protecting the president from random acts of toilet paper aggression?

One can only imagine Trump’s reaction once he saw the video. But at least we got another terrific visual metaphor for the Trump Administration before he did.

This image is the perfect visual metaphor for the Trump administration.

Trump climbed the steps of Air Force One with a thin piece of paper stuck to his shoe

President Donald Trump boarded Air Force One on Thursday with what appeared to be toilet tissue or a napkin stuck to his left shoe.

Video cameras captured Trump walking up the stairs to the aircraft at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. When he reached the top of the stairs, he turned back and waved to the crowd. The paper got dislodged as he entered the cabin.

Four other people walked up the steps after Trump. The last person spotted the cloth and picked it up with his hands.

The president was traveling to the Mayo Civic Center in Rochester, Minnesota, for a campaign rally Thursday night. Speaking to a crowd of about 10,000 people, he endorsed several Republican candidates who are running for office.

A piece of toilet paper or a napkin appeared to be stuck on President Donald Trump's shoe as he boarded Air Force One.