vape pen carry case

Vape Pen Carrying Case for Protection

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Product Details

Vape Accessory Listing Includes

  • FREE USA Shipping – Priority, Signature Priority, plus Worldwide Shipping Options Available
  • 1 portable vaporizer carrying case

Vape Pen Travel Case Details

  • Top Attribute – This vaporizer case can be used to safely store a vape pen, multiple accessories, plus the herbs too. The case is made with a high quality zipper, not the cheap ones, to seal off the inside components from the outside world
  • Travel Case Dimensions
    • Length – 6 inches long
    • Width – 2.5 inches wide
    • Height – 1.75 inches tall
  • Travel Case can be used with the following vapes
    • Micro Vapes
    • AGO
    • Flowermate
    • APX Pulsar
    • Saber Vape
    • SteamCloud Vapes
    • Cloud
    • Atmos
    • PAX
    • E-CLIPSE
    • Da Vinci
    • Plus so much more!

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Benefits of a Vape Carrying Case

  1. Protective Safe Storage The case is a protective environment that will keep a vaporizer from getting scratched or banged up. If you typically toss the device in a drawer, first place it inside the case to avoid scratches from the other objects and keep your device looking fresh. If traveling, this is a good way to keep everything in one place to not only protect the vaporizer but also potentially protect whatever else is in the bag.
  2. The Place to go EVERY TIME before a vaping session Misplacing a vaporizer is not so uncommon and it is often because they are casually placed away somewhere right after use, sometimes just to get it out of view. But if you have the case, you can get the vaporizer out of view without tucking it away in some random drawer. Plus the added task of placing the vape pen away in a case will likely help you remember where you placed it for next time. 3. More than just a Vape Case Not only can you carry vaporizers, the charger and the other parts in this case, this case can be used for all sorts of items from sunglasses, headphones or other products that you want to keep safe or separate while traveling.

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    This personal vaporizer carrying case can fit most vape models plus the related parts and accessories. Use this case on the go to keep your items separate from everything else in a bag or use it as a safe place for storage after a vaping session.

    Vape pen carry case

    People are drawn to vape pens because of their discreet look and portability. While you may be tempted to just carry your vaporizer in your pocket or backpack, it’s important to make sure your vape is secure.

    By far, the easiest and best way to do that is by keeping it in a vape pen case. Whether you’re traveling with your prized vape pen or just looking for a good place to store it on your morning train commute, every vape pen user can benefit from having a protective case.

    What is a Vape Pen Case?

    Vape pen cases are one of the most important accessories you can buy. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to buy a vape pen case, let’s dive in more to what they really are.

    Typically, vape pen cases come in two styles: hard-sided vape capes and soft-sided vape cases.

    Hard-sided cases are more insulated and can give your vape pen storage more protection. However, the cons to these kinds of cases are that they can be heavy, large and hard to carry around. They can be great for taking on flights or any other travel where you might be worried about your vape pen bouncing around and getting scratched.

    Soft-sided vape pen cases are a little more portable and easier to travel long distances with because they are smaller than the hard-sided cases. As you may have guessed, the downside to this type is that they don’t offer as much protection. They are sometimes referred to as vape pouches.

    Vape pen cases online come in a wide variety of sizes — other than just hard and soft shells — which can include having room for other accessories like extra batteries and cartridges and bands to keep things in place.

    While vape pens themselves can be a little pricey, vape pen cases are actually pretty affordable. Some of the most basic cases that hold only one cartridge or battery cost around $15 while the high-quality ones with more features can cost up to $25. Vessel vape pen cases cost $25 and come with everything you need to store all of your vaping accessories.

    How to Use a Vape Pen Case

    Using a vape pen case is easier than learning how to use a vape pen itself.

    After you’ve found your perfect case for vape pens, all you have to do is load your vape and any additional accessories into the designated locations in the case. Secure them with the bands (if bands are included in the case), and then zip the case shut tight.

    You can organize and store your vape pen any way you want in your vape pen case. While it will help you when you’re on the go or traveling with your vape pen and accessories, it can also provide a great place to keep your smoking gear intact at home too.

    What Are the Benefits of a Vape Pen Case?

    High-quality vapes are an investment and storing your vape pen in an equally high-quality case is the key to keeping it clean and protected. That being said, there are a couple of benefits to using a vape case.

    First of all, it decreases the likelihood that you’ll lose your vape pen. Misplacing your vape pen is an inconvenient (and sometimes expensive) mistake to make. Getting in the habit of keeping it in your vape pen case will prevent that from happening.

    If you’re prone to dropping things, storing your vape pen in a case can spare you from the ever-common scratches, dents and even damages to the device’s mechanisms that can happen. When your vape pen lives in a case instead of your purse, it can preserve its longevity.

    Of course, storing vape pens in a protected case also keeps them clean. When vape pens are kept in a purse or backpack, they can get covered in whatever random remnants are also rolling around in there. Dust and crumbs can even clog up your pen if you’re not careful.

    While vape pens are already discreet, a vape pen case can make it even more undetectable if necessary. It can also hold additional accessories and even a backup pen. Having a second vape pen on you is great if you use up all your wax or your primary vape pen dies.

    Another useful benefit of vape pen cases is that they will keep you from accidentally pressing buttons on your vape. Unless you have an automatic turn off switch (as most Vessel pens do), your pen’s battery might drain while it’s moving around in your pocket.

    What to look for when buying a vape pen case

    If you’re planning to buy vape pen cases online, you’ll likely be met with an overwhelming amount of options. With so many different colors, sizes and features to choose from, how do you know what to look for in a vape case?

    While things like color and size are all up to your personal preferences, there are a couple of key things to make sure your vape pen case has. The first is that it has plenty of room. Not only do you need space for your vape pen, but it’s essential to have space for extra batteries, cartridges, and even an extra pen so you can always be prepared.

    In addition to having an adequate amount of space, it’s also good for your vape pen case to come with bands in each opening. Having those will prevent your pen or anything else you’re storing in the case from falling out when you open it.

    Another important part of a vape pen case is its outer layer. Having a durable and tough shell will ensure that your vape pen setup stays safe and dent-free. Look for cases that are made of Ethylene-vinyl acetate (also known as EVA), a rubber-like material that is cracking and water resistant. It’s one of the most durable substances out there — which is why Vessel only makes EVA and polyester cases.

    Finally, you want to make sure that when you buy vape pen cases online that they come with a warranty. Having that added layer of trust will give you even more confidence that you’re making the right purchases. Remember that only quality companies offer their customers a warranty because they’re happy to stand by their products.

    Looking for the best vape pen case available? The Rover vape pen and cartridge cases by Vessel are designed to make your life easier. These compact, portable, built-to-last cases hold two vape batteries, up to four cartridges, and have an additional pocket for small essentials. Multiple colors available. Explore today. ]]>