vapir no2 vaporizer reviews

Vapir No 2 Vaporizer Review

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The Good…

  • Fast warm-up; ready to use in 1 minute
  • Easy to use: set temp and vape
  • Digital screen is easy to read
  • 2 hours of use per charge
  • Portable
  • Fully charged in 2-3 hours

With the Bad…

  • A little bulky
  • Mildy-tedious cleaning

Nice digital display; easy adjustable temperature; 1-minute warm-up times.

The Vapir No2 is easy to hold, and the buttons make it easy to adjust temperatures to the exact setting for your herb strain.

The No2 is an improved, second generation vaporizer from Vapir in California. Vapir No2 is a nice upgrade from their previous model; that’s faster charging, longer-lasting and the LED display has been improved for better readability and brightness. We like the new shape because it’s easy to hold. A small gripe is that it’s somewhat big compared to newer vaporizers like the Pax by Ploom, but the Vapir is half the price and a little more efficient.

How it Rated: 81%

A useful portable vaporizer that’s efficient and fairly inexpensive.

We like the efficient use of herb in the Vapir No2, it’s easy to find just the right temperature for each strain and set it exactly right with the digital display and accurate temperature buttons.

Load herb, set temperature, wait 1 minute then enjoy the vapors; slowly and steadily.

The shape is nice to hold. Overall it could be smaller and a little more sleek feeling.

Hard plastic feels tough and durable. Buttons work well.

Loading and temperature setting are easy, waiting a minute isn’t too bad either.

The chamber is somewhat small, like many portables. Still it’s fast and easy to remove the top and load the chamber.

Grid fine, inhale vapors slowly and consistently for good hits. Don’t rush, inhale and draw air in slowly.

Clean-up can be tedious since the chamber is so small, but it’s manageable. Change screens as they start clogging and losing airflow.

This unit gains efficiency as you grind your marijuana more finely. Also stir to circulate herb in the chamber and heat evenly. This box is super efficient when used properly, you’ll be saving about 20% of the herb smoked in a bong or pipe.

Keep the screen clean and change when necessary.

The Stats

  • Digital screen is large and easy to read
  • Feels good in your hand, easy to use
  • Design is sturdy and made of durable hard plastic
  • Fast warmup; ready to use in one minute
  • Digital adjustable temperature 380-400°F
  • 1 year factory warranty
  • Specs: 8×1½ inches • under 2 Lbs

Photo Gallery

Unboxing and holding the Vapir No2 vaporizer in-hand.

The battery charger adaptor and cord. Connect to the back of the Vapir and plug in the wall to charge. Full charge in 2-3 hours.

Various cleaning tools, brushes and mouth piece attachments that are included.

Slide the bottom plate to reveal the battery compartment.

Powered on and warming up, the LED glows a pleasant blue color. Cool.

Remove the top piece to reveal the herb chamber. Add your ground weed here.

The chamber is loaded and ready to vape.

Hot and ready to vape. Enjoy!

Unboxing Video

How to Change the Screens

The Downside: battery life is somewhat short

What’s in the Box?

  • The Vape
  • 1 rechargeable battery
  • 3 mesh screens
  • 2 cleaning sticks
  • measuring cup
  • mouthpiece
  • cleaning brush
  • tube attachment

Quotes from Around the Web

“Honestly, the NO2 got me higher than the Magic Flight Launch Box and it produced larger clouds. It can function as a sit at home or you can take it out. The mflb still can’t be beat for portability, but takes longer to get you as high as the NO2 would get you, so it’s all preference. I liked the NO2 better though.”

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Vapir No 2 Vaporizer Review Buy This Vape The Good… Fast warm-up; ready to use in 1 minute Easy to use: set temp and vape Digital screen is easy to read 2 hours of use

Vapir NO2 Review – V1

The Vapir NO2 version 1 is a dry herb vaporizer that has been on the market since 2010, and since then the NO2 continues to sell well (with now the improved NO2 version 2.0), due to the many benefits that it provides. The Vapir NO2 is an ergonomic portable vaporizer that produces vapor of above average quality. It’s possible to recharge this handheld device in the car, and you can also vape with it plugged into the wall for added flexibility. The unit is pricier than some other models, but for many users, the added convenience is well worth the money. Read on to get the full story on the original first version of the herbal vaporizer.

  • Only two pieces for easy filling
  • Good vapor quality
  • Very rapid heat up time
  • Adjustable heat settings
  • Can vaporize with it plugged into the wall
  • Ergonomic design for a comfortable fit in your hand
  • Car charger is available
  • Expensive when sold at full price
  • Larger than some portables
  • Runs a little hot
  • Smaller vaporizer herb chamber than some other portables
  • Vapor continues to flow, making it necessary to vape fast

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In-Depth of the Vapir NO2

Price – At its suggested retail price of $220, the Vapir NO2 is one of the more expensive models, but when you purchase it with the discount available at, it’s very affordable.

Vapor Quality – The Vapir NO2 produces very good quality vapor for a portable vape. While it doesn’t rival the potency and flavor possible with a desktop vaporizer, you won’t be disappointed with the vapor from this model.

Guarantee – The heating element on the NO2 is warrantied for 1 year, which is about average.

Prep Time – The Vapir NO2 was clearly designed with simplicity in mind. Once you have the mouthpiece in place on the vaporizer, the entire vaporizer really consists of just two pieces. This makes it very easy to open and fill. After loading your dry herbs, you can be vaping in under 2 minutes, due to how fast it heats up. Its preheating time is much faster than the norm for portable vaporizers.

Portability – At 8.44 inches by 2.25 inches in size, the NO2 vaporizer is on the large side. You can’t fit it into your pocket, but it is ergonomically designed, so it still has a comfortable feeling in your hand. Despite its size, the unit has a surprisingly small herb chamber, which limits the length of your session before you need to reload.

Ease of Use – Even if you’ve never picked up a vaporizer before, you can use the Vapir NO2 with ease. The controls are simple, and the mouthpiece makes drawing very simple and comfortable. The vapor flows continuously without any resistance. While this means that it’s easy to take a deep draw, it does have a downside; vapor continues to leak out of the mouthpiece between hits, so you have to complete a session quickly, or turn the unit off to avoid wastage.

Heating and Temperature Regulators – The NO2 has digital heat controls, giving you the ability to adjust the temperature right down to the degree. While it holds its temperature well, it is on the hot side, so you may need to vape at a lower setting than what you might with another vape.

Power Supply – One of the best things is that you can vape with the unit plugged into the wall for as long as you wish. When unplugged and running on the battery, the vaporizer can be used for about an hour continuously, which is about average for a portable vaporizer for herbs model. There is a car charger accessory available for replenishing the battery on the go.

Vapir NO2 Dry Herb Vaporizer is one of the oldest Portable devices available on the Market Today. Click Here to get the full story on this Herbal Vape! ]]>