vaponic vaporizer


The Spanish makers of the Vaponic have really excelled in their stealth – this slim vaporizer fits inside a magic marker pen, which makes it both discrete and protected from shock and breakage.

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How to use the Vaponic vaporizer

The Vaponic consists of an outer and inner glass tube, glass mouthpiece and a small rubber connector. The herb sample fits in the end of the outer tube, and held in place by a gauze screen. The herb chamber is heated with a regular butane or turbo lighter for around 10 seconds to release the vapor. A couple of small holes ensure an airstream over the heated herb.

Features of the Vaponic

  • a stealthy ‘magic marker pen’ carry case
  • a pipe cleaner for cleaning the tubes
  • a couple of gauzes
Vaponic data sheet
Brand Vaponic
Type Portable

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Prodotto ottimo, consegna un po’ meno
Il prodotto è veramente fantastico: è semplice da usare, ê pratico e funzionale, a questo prezzo penso sia difficile trovare di meglio. Ci sono stati dei problemi con la consegna in quanto affidata a Poste Italiane, ma ovviamente la colpa è la loro, non certo del sito. Consigliatissimo

Peut etre bien
Sa manque pour les gros fumeurs de sensation fumez sans avoir de resultat au bout en plus a pars tousser lol.habituer au cbd pen et vivape 2 mais ca ses pas pour’ceux qui ont les poumons fragile.autrement ce qui aime les pipes,pour ca elle est bien et discrete

produit et services impeccable
je ne fume plus depuis 4 ans, et je découvre ce produit magnifique et discret. Très polyvalent, il reste ranger dans son étui, charger et près à servir. À respecter fragile.

Awesome product!
Great value for money and a good quality item. This was my first time vaping and the smoke was very smooth, no roughness in my throat or chest. Nice and easy to clean and a great result from using it 😉

Good vape,awesome cust. service!
Vaponic is my favorite “on the go” vape,from out partying to long and you don’t smash it, with alcohol,cotton (cleaning after use) and learning how to heat it properly,will never let you down. Got my second one from zamnesia,and the product came slightly damaged and I was too late to open the package and check the goods.. My experience says no company will ever assist the customer if they fall just a tiny bit out of their tight policy line. Gladly zamnesia is the exception and both on fast replies,politeness and consideration for the “amnesia” suffering customers :). Thank you so much and you’re highly recommend from here! I’m really overwhelmed over your service,couldn’t place a better review even if bribed. Plus the little vaponic,that is indeed a good tonic :). Cheers

The Spanish makers of the Vaponic have really excelled in their stealth – this slim vaporizer fits inside a magic marker pen, which makes it both discrete and protected from shock and breakage.

Vaponic vaporizer

With the Vaponic Vaporizer you inhale your favorite herbs without being exposed to harmful combustion substances. It is known that vaporizing is a lot healthier then smoking. The Vaponic vaporizer is in comparison to other vaporizers relatively cheap. This is because the design is relatively simple. There are no electronics or heating unit; really bare bones. So how do you “turn on” this vape? It is really simple. Just hold a lighter against the glass! It is the ideal vaporizer when you want to experience vaping without the large investment.


  • Handy, compact, portable vaporizer
  • Suitable for dry herbs
  • 0-10 seconds warmup time
  • Use able anywhere
  • Direct inhaling (or tube)
  • Heat with a lighter


The Vaponic is made from excellent material. Because the vaporizer is produced under the strictest and highest quality requirements in Europe, the material is of the highest quality. The vaporizer is made from borosilicate 3.3 glass, stainless steel and silicone. This way the vapor that arises is cool and tasteful.

Functioning of Vaponic

The vaporization is achieved by a stream of hot air that extracts the substances of the weed or herb without burning it. The vapour you inhale contains everything a plant can offer, but you avoid exposing yourself to toxic combustion by-products. The Vaponic vaporizer extracts a much higher level of substances than any normal pipe can do, that´s why it pays for itself very fast.

Although the vaporization is taking place near your mouth, there´s absolutely no risk of burning yourself. The unique and patented Vaponic cooling system allows you to directly inhale to your lungs, you don´t need to store the vapour in your mouth first. Take the Vaponic vaporizer with you and use it wherever you want. Its specially adapted case will protect the device against damage and annoying questions.

Pay attention to the fact that the vaporizer does not turn on or off automatically. In addition the temperature is not adjustable. You will need a lighter to use the vaporizer.

The Vaponic vaporizer provides you with the ability to inhale the aroma of marijuana and herbs without harmful substances getting into your lungs. ]]>