vaporizer evod 1100 electronic cigarette


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Electronic Evod 1100 mAh cigarette blister.

Set for the beginning vayper who have a desire to leave off smoking it the good choice.

The electronic Evod cigarette consists of a kliromayzer of MT3, the Evod 1100 mAh accumulator, the USB charger.

Kliromayzer MT3. Consists of three parts:

The case of a kliromayzer – is manufactured of strong plastic in a metal cover with a window for visual supervision over liquid level. The lower part of a kliromayzer – has two to openings for an intake of air and a carving for connection with the case.

The replaceable evaporator – is twisted in the lower part of a kliromayzer.

To fill a kliromayzer it is necessary:

To turn a kliromayzer the lower part up. To turn off the lower part. To fill with liquid, pouring on a wall of a kliromayzer, fill a kliromayzer not higher than the level of a glass tube (air duct). Fasten the lower part together with the evaporator, connect the accumulator, wait so far the evaporator will become impregnated with liquid and can start soaring.

Accumulator 1100 capacity mach.

The accumulator has 3 appearance of protection:

From short circuit;

From a low voltage;

Cut-off when pressing the Fire button more than 10 sec.

For accumulator charging connect the charger to the power supply, USB to an entrance of the computer or the network adapter. At connection to a network on the charger the green indicator will be lit.

Before connection of the accumulator it is necessary it will be convinced that the accumulator connector dry and pure, if necessary to wipe with a dry napkin. Fasten the accumulator to the charger, color of the indicator will become red if the accumulator is discharged when the accumulator is charged the indicator on the accumulator will be lit in the green color. You can disconnect the accumulator from the charger and start soaring.

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