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Best Dry Herb Vaporizers to Use Indoors During Quarantine 2020

Being stuck inside your house or apartment during quarantine is no fun. But just because you’re now a hermit doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your recreational activities. If you’re looking for a cleaner alternative to smoking flower inside, may we suggest dry herb vaping?

There are several benefits to using a dry herb vaporizer indoors and a variety of vaporizers to choose from. Which vape is right for you during this quarantine? Read on for the low down on what can get you high and mighty while stuck indoors.

Using Dry Herb Vaporizers Indoors During Quarantine

Whether you’re in a shared living space with family or roommates or living alone, there are many benefits of indoor use that make dry herb vaporizers a superior choice for passing the long hours of quarantine in a haze.

No Smoke and Low Odor

Discretion is the name of the game when it comes to vaping dry herb. The process of vaporizing flower uses hot air to create cleaner smoking sessions, producing a vapor instead of smoke. As a result, there’s minimal odor associated with dry herb vaping, which means that your house and living space won’t be smoky or smelly.

Cleaner Smoking Sessions

With no smoke and less odor, dry herb vaping feels cleaner than smoking. In fact, vaporizing cannabis reduces the amount of carbon monoxide, carcinogens, and other toxic by-products as compared to smoking.

Conserve Flower

While you’re hunkered down with snacks and Netflix, you’re going to want to conserve whatever flower you have in your possession. If finding toilet paper is a challenge, then finding weed may also prove to be difficult. Dry herb vaporizers help maximize the effect of flower by slowly cooking the herb versus burning it. So, if you need to ration your bud, vaping is the way to go.

Best Dry Herb Vaporizers to Use Indoors

As with most things, not all vapes are created equal and it’s important to make an educated decision on your vape purchase. Nothing kills a buzz during quarantine like an underperforming vape. Here are our top picks for dry herb vaporizers.

PAX 3 Basic Kit Combination Vaporizer

The rumors are true—the PAX 3 Vaporizer is one of the best portable dry herb vaporizers out there. Dual-use for both concentrate and dry herb vaporizing, the PAX 3 Basic Kit touts twice the oven power as its PAX 2 predecessor, a 15-second heat up time, LED indicator, and readiness vibration feature.

The PAX 3 offers adjustable temperature settings and comes in three colors—black, silver, and rose gold—making it a stylishly superb vaporization experience. PAX Labs is so confident in their engineering, that the PAX 3 Basic Kit is backed with a 10-year warranty to ensure you enjoy evenly heated pulls for a full decade. Shop the PAX 3 Basic Kit now.

Crafty+ Portable Vaporizer

Next on our list is the Crafty+, a German-engineered combination concentrate and dry herb vaporizer from Storz & Bickel. An upgraded version of its predecessor, the Crafty, this pocket-sized vape heats up in less than a minute thanks to its optimized battery. Like the PAX, this dry herb vaporizer vibrates to let you know when it’s ready for use.

The Crafty+ has an innovative hybrid heating system that allows for steady airflow and low resistance on each pull, without burning through your bud. Blast yourself into outer space while quarantined with the Super-Boost mode—this setting quickly heats your material to 410°F to get thick vapor clouds that’ll set you into orbit. Shop the new Crafty+ vaporizer here.

Volcano Classic Desktop Dry Herb Vaporizer

This German engineered desktop dry herb vaporizer, also by Storz & Bickel, is perfect for at-home use. With a reputation for industry-leading vapor production, the Volcano Classic Desktop Vaporizer is a worthwhile investment for indoor dry herb vaping.

The Volcano offers adjustable heat settings through an analog temperature control dial. Its forced air operation works by pumping fresh heated air through your flower into an inflatable Volcano balloon that is then detached and inhaled. The Easy Valve system comes with replaceable balloons with pre-assembled mouthpieces for an exceptional dry herb vapor experience with every use. Shop the Volcano Classic here.

Grenco Science G Pen Elite Vaporizer

The G Pen Elite provides an unparalleled dry herb vaping experience. From the experts at Grenco Science, this vaporizer is an easy transition for someone who is used to smoking concentrate.

Relatively easy to use, the G Pen Elite is equipped with a ceramic chamber, LED interface, variable temperature settings, and a compact design—perfect for keeping in your pocket to enjoy smooth rips as you wander around your living space during quarantine. Shop the G Pen Elite here.

These dry herb vaporizers can help get you through the long days of being a socially responsible citizen hanging out on your couch. Quarantine isn’t easy, so treat yourself to a new vape.

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Being stuck inside your house or apartment during quarantine is no fun. Check out our list of our favorite dry herb vaporizers for indoor use.

Do Dry Herb Vaporizers smell?

October 13, 2020

Every day, millions of internet users asks Google seemingly simple questions about Cannabis. However, because cannabis is deemed to be a controversial topic the internet is rife with misinformation, bias and propaganda.

dank! is setting out to fix this by answering your most pertinent questions whether it be about herbs, CBD E Liquid or Dry Herb Vaporizers UK.

Do Dry Herb Vaporizers leave a smell?

I assume most of the people that email in have nosy neighbours because one of the most popular questions we receive from our community is ‘Does vaping weed create a smell?’!

The short answer is yes, vaporizers do emit a smell. How much of a smell depends largely on how pungent your herb is and the vaporizer you’re using.

However, the smell emitted from vaporizers is far less potent than smoking. In my personal experience, the smell from vaping cannabis is not only less when compared to smoking but it also dissipates far quicker too.

Whilst you’re not going to be able to hide what is in your vaporizer from the person sat directly next to you, a flatmate in another room is unlikely to be able to pick up on the scent.

It is also worth keeping in mind certain strains are more pungent than others.

Why does weed smell?

Every cannabis plant is full of various cannabinoids and terpenes. It is these that give each individual strain its bespoke taste and smell.

For example, some strains have limonene in them. This terpene is also found in lemons and it is this that gives strains such as Lemon Kush its citrusy taste.

Why do cannabis vaporizers emit less smell?

Smoke may appear to be a gas but it isn’t. It is actually made up of thousands of tiny, solid particles of burnt plant matter. It is main the plant matter itself that is released as part of the odour into the air and this is what your nose registers as the smell.

Because burning causes combustion of the plant matter as well as the active ingredients, there is more mass to get mingled with your hair, curtains and walls. This can take some time to disappear.

On the other hand, when you use a vaporizer, the plant matter stays in the vaporizer’s chamber. Instead, only the yummy terpenes evaporate and these are then inhaled by you. As a result, there are less ‘herbs’ floating around in the air.

How can we minimise the smell from dry herb vaping?

  1. Keep your vaporizer relatively clean or it will start to smell, especially if it utilizes conduction heating like most portable devices.
  2. Vape in a well-ventilated room. Any smell released from vaping can fully dissipate within a few minutes with just the help of aa fan and an open window.
  3. If you’re going to save your bud after vaping it, keep it in a jar because it can still give off a faint weed scent.

What type of vaporizer is best for not creating a smell?

There are two main types of dry herb vaporizers:

  • Conduction Vaporizers.
  • Convection Vaporizers.

You can think of a conduction vaporizer as similar to a stove, which heats your food by touch.

Conduction vapes such as the Black Mamba Vaporizer, creates vapour when its heating element comes into contact with your herbs. This can sometimes cause a small amount of combustion.

A convection vaporizer is more similar to an oven, which creates an atmosphere of hot air. It is the hot air then heats your herbs.

A convection vaporizer heats your herbs more efficiently and evenly. As a result, there is minimal chance of combustion.

The short answer is yes, vaporizers do emit a smell. How much of a smell depends largely on how pungent your herb is and the vaporizer you're using. However, the smell emitted from vaporizers is far less potent than smoking.