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The gold standard for medical cannabis patients, the Volcano Medic Complete Kit created by German manufacturer Storz & Bickel uses a hot air generator instead of a heating chamber to produce high-quality vapour.

[part][taste]The Volcano Medic Complete Kit is a great option for medical cannabis patients due to the way it uses hot air versus conduction or convection heating. Not only does this help to reduce the risk of methanol and acetic acid, the way in which it uses a balloon helps to create a safer inhalation process since the patient does not come into contact with the electricity or heat created from the generator. Plus, the mouthpiece has a check valve which helps to prevent exhalation into the valve balloon, minimizing contamination.

The kit comes complete with the Volcano Complete Kit heater, five valve balloons with mouthpieces, three lip pieces, a filling chamber, filling chamber ring, normal screen set, liquid/concentrate pad set, air filter set, herb grinder, cleaning brush, and a user manual.

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This desktop vaporizer created by German manufacturer Storz & Bickel is one of the only vapes on the market that you can claim with your health insurance.

Volcano medic vaporizer

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Volcano Medic 2

The Volcano Medic 2 evaporator from Storz & Bickel stands for outstanding quality and functionality as well as innovation and first-class design. Since the introduction of the Volcano Medic in 2010, Storz & Bickel has continuously developed and modernized the world’s first medical cannabis vaporizer. Now we present the new improved Volcano Medic 2.

It features a new and modern dual inhalation system and offers users up to ten times faster heat-up times and optimized airflow management. The control panels are integrated in the large display and can be controlled via touch keys. Like its predecessor, the Volcano Medic 2 allows the inhalative medical application of liquid cannabinoids dissolved in alcohol and of cannabinoids directly from dried hemp flowers. In addition to inhalation from the proven Medic Valve Balloon, the user can now inhale directly from the device via the hose unit, noiselessly and with low pull resistance.

PZN: 15885501 PPN: 111588550156

  • Precise electronic regulation
  • Extra-large digital LED displays for actual and set temperature
  • Evaporation temperature adjustable between 40� and 210�C
  • Temperature accuracy � 1.5�C (2.7�F)
  • Display switchable between �Celsius and �Fahrenheit
  • Automatic switch-off

The Volcano Medic is equipped with a shapely, reinforced metal cone. When selecting the material, care was taken to use tasteless and food-safe materials. Both the high-performance heating cartridge and the powerful diaphragm pump can withstand the heaviest loads. An independent temperature fuse, air filter and sound absorber are just as self-evident for the Volcano Medic as the specially designed aluminium heating block, which brings the air cleanly and reliably to the desired temperature.

Storz & Bickel offers the Volcano Medic 2, Hybrid and Classic since 2017 only the Easy Valve System. The Solid Valve can only be ordered separately.

When developing the Easy Valve, the wishes and needs of our customers were taken into account. The Easy Valve is very easy to use and requires minimal maintenance. The Easy Valve is simply replaced by a new one after it has become obsolete. The filling chamber is cleaned and reused.

The large balloon offers excellent optical control of steam development. All air and steam conducting parts of the valve systems are tasteless and food safe.

Please note, since 2017 the Easy Valve Set has a balloon with adapter ring in the scope of delivery which can be replaced similar to the Solid Valve System without buying a whole set.

  • valve balloon maintenance-free
  • Simple in application
  • Valve and balloon connected ready for use
  • Optimized cross-section of filling chamber
  • Price sensitive valve balloon incl. mouthpiece allows personal use

Overview of differences in Volcano Medic & Medic 2:

Device Volcano Medic 2 Volcano Medic
Size 20,0 cm x 18,0 cm x 20,0 cm 20,0 cm x 18,0 cm x 20,0 cm
Weight 2.900 g 1.800 g
Temperature Settings Power supply (detachable) Power supply
Airflow Balloon: Practically no pull resistance
Hose unit: 30l/minute
Balloon: Practically no pull resistance
Cooling Medic Valve Baloon & Tube Unit Medic Valve Baloon
Automatic switch-off After 30 minutes After 30 minutes
Special features Touch Display Digital LED Display
WarrantyGew�hrleistung 3 years 3 years
Hose Yes No*
Medic 2 filling chamber Yes No*
Medic 2 filling chamber reducer Yes No
Medic Valve Ballon Normal & XL Yes Yes
Medic Valve filling chamber No Yes
Dosing capsules Ja (mit Reduzierer) Ja (mit Reduzierer)
Tropfenkissen Yes (with reducer) Yes (with reducer)

* Since the peristaltic inhalation method does not require the air pump to be switched on, it is necessary to heat the filling chamber by radiant heating (conduction) to to ensure that evaporation takes place at each train. Since the filling chamber is screwed onto the device, it ensures a stable 360 Degree rotation of the hose unit.

The Volcano Medic 2 vaporizer from Storz & Bickel stands for superior quality and functionality as well as innovation and first-class design. ]]>