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Volcano Vaporizer Bong Hits

I stumbled upon this idea while reading this article – Dr. Kush. And couldn’t believe I’d never tried it. It’s great.

“Blue has a photo I.D. card from the City of Los Angeles confirming that he is a bona-fide medical-marijuana patient. His malady is anxiety. On a side table by his bed, he keeps a Volcano, a German-made vaporizer that resembles a stainless-steel coffeemaker. The Volcano, which costs five hundred dollars, warms dried marijuana, releasing vapor into a plastic bag and leaving behind a toasted brown chaff that smells oddly like popcorn. When Blue uses the Volcano, he inhales the contents of the plastic bag through a bong, which purifies the vapor.”

The idea is simple. Use the water filtration of the bong as one last purification step before your lungs. If you remove the slide piece/bowl from most bongs or waterpipes you can press the mouth piece of the solid valve against it and just pull right through. Maybe it’s my imagination but I feel like it eliminates some of the dried out sinus effect of frequent vaporizer use.

It’s also a great way to re-acquaint yourself with your poor old bong, which has been neglected since your vaporizer arrived.

Next time I order parts for my volcano vaporizer, I’m going to get an extra mouthpiece and dedicate it to bong use. I’ll attach some rubber gasket to it for a perfect seal on the bong.


10 years later, my dreams were fulfilled and Magma Industries released two water filtration accessories for the Volcano Easy Valve, the Obsidian and the Magma. The Magma is the less expensive option and made out of high-temperature polycarbonate-like plastic resin and the Obsidian is made out of lab-grade borosilicate glass. You can read and watch my full review of both accessories here.

Want a hit that's even cleaner for your lungs? Try this awesome idea using a bong. I couldn't believe I had never tried it before.

Volcano ‘Easy Valve’ Bong Adapter

This Volcano ‘Easy Valve’ Bong Adapter is specially made for the ‘Easy Valve’ system of ‘Volcano’ vaporizer. The adapter connects the ‘Easy Valve’ balloon with the bong, so that the smoke is cooled and filtered in the bong water.

Although a Volcano vaporizer already performs much better than almost any other vaporizer in the world, you can improve the quality of the vapour even further by connecting the vaporizer to your bong. Simply put this borosilicate glass adapter on your bong, fill the balloon with vapour using the Volcano, and then put the balloon on the bong adapter to inhale the unparalleled smooth vapour.

Thanks to the borosilicate glass of which the Volcano bong adapter is made, it is very strong, heat-proof and scratch-proof. Treat it carefully and this adapter will easily last for a lifetime. If you are a fan of the Volcano vaporizer and bongs, this is the ultimate way to combine the best of both worlds!

This Volcano 'Easy Valve' Bong Adapter is made for the 'Easy Valve' system of 'Volcano' vaporizer. The adapter connects the 'Easy Valve' balloon with your bong.