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Bubbler vs Bong: Knowing What’s Best for Your Smoking Needs

Non-smokers probably have no clue what the difference between bubbler vs bong is. Well, in all fairness, plenty of smokers have no clue either. Many people buy one or the other simply because they have seen their friends using it — or because they think bubblers look cooler. When push comes to shove, and you ask what convinced any smoker to choose one over the other, you’re likely to get few accurate answers. But, it’s fair to say that most smokers don’t know all the differences between these two smoking devices.

Below are highlights of the differences, and some similarities, between the bubbler vs. bong.

Similarities Between Bubblers and Bongs

First, these devices share one obvious major similarity – they’re both smoking devices. Also, some bongs and blubbers look quite alike thus making it difficult for the inexperienced eye to choose between one and the other. That aside, they come in various shapes and sizes. The market is filled with colorful and plain bongs and bubblers, too. Choosing between the two often depends on your tastes and preferences as well as budget. If you need more help, check out our bong buying guide.

Bongs are Water Pipes. Bubblers are Bongs.

Typically, bongs are a type of water pipes for smoking. For many centuries, several eastern countries used bongs in a similar manner with hookahs. As for bubblers, the resemblance with bongs is quite noticeable, as previously stated. However, bubblers tend to be smaller compared to bongs. Their smaller size makes it easier for smokers to operate bubblers with only a single hand. The fact that bubblers are lightweight also contributes to ease of use.

Bubblers have a smaller internal chamber too. Because of this, frequent cleaning is highly advisable to remove debris and other unwanted stuff from gathering inside the internal chamber. Otherwise, the smoker would be exposed to the possibility of going down with an infection from inhaling the unwanted stuff. In terms of size, bongs are much bigger. The large size removes the necessity of cleaning the bongs all the time.

Bubblers Appeal to Young Smokers

Bubblers are incredibly popular with young smokers. The reason for this is young smokers find the compact size of the bubblers quite favorable with their tastes. Young smokers prefer smoking gadgets with which they can move around comfortably. The compact size makes it easier for young users to hide bubblers and to travel with them. Also, the fact that bubblers weigh less compared to bongs helps matters greatly. It also doesn’t hurt that bubblers are often more trendy and give you the opportunity to smoke something unique.

As previously mentioned, bubblers have small smoke chambers. Bongs, on the other hand, boast of large smoke chambers. Apart from that, bubblers are hand-held devices. For their part, bongs are standalone devices that you can operate without carrying or holding them in your hands. Many bubblers have no removable bowls. This is a stark difference from bongs which have not only a down stem or removable bowl, but also a carb.

Any discussion regarding the bubblers vs. bongs differences cannot be complete without talking about ice cubes. Users can add ice cubes inside the bongs for a special smoking experience that’s impossible to get with bubblers. With bubblers, you cannot add ice cubes — so if that is something you prefer, you should look into buying a bong over a bubbler. In this regard, bongs are ideal for any user who wants a more personal experience. Ice cubes are perfect as they cool the smoke down before you can inhale it.

Just for the ice cubes alone, bongs win the bubblers vs. bongs war. For more on this, check out the debate.

Features of Bongs and Bubblers

Debates regarding bubblers vs. bongs must consider features. Outstanding features in bongs are:

  1. Beautiful design
  2. Made of high-quality glass
  3. Topnotch percolation
  4. Easy to clean
  5. Durable

On the other hand, features that make bubblers stand out include:

  1. Combination of tobacco bongs and hand pipes
  2. Easy to hold in hand
  3. Beautifully designed
  4. Small sizes
  5. Removable bowls

Often, bubblers act as solid alternatives to bongs. Choosing between bubblers vs. bongs is likely to give you the desired fun while smoking your way to a moment of unregulated bliss. The two devices are perfect for adding the much-needed diversity to your smoking experience. The two devices give you a smoother smoke, which does not leave you choking and coughing uncontrollably than the one you could ever get from the traditional water or smoking pipes. There are plenty of similarities and differences between bubblers and bongs. The choice on what to choose ultimately depends on your preferences and budget.

Most smokers can't differentiate between two smoking devices. Here we highlight differences and similarities between the bubbler vs. bong.

4 Things You Need to Know About Bubblers

It’s no secret that bongs are one of the best ways to smoke your dry herbs. They diffuse the smoke for easy hits, great flavor, and a smooth rip!

This post was updated from the original post titled “3 Little Known Facts About Bubblers”, which was published in January 2018.

If you’re protective about your bong, though, bringing it out of the house might seem like a bad idea. That’s where bubblers come in. Bubbler glass pipes are designed to offer the same smooth hits as bongs, without the bulky size. Read on to learn more about bubbler pipes, the secret weapon of your smoking arsenal.

1. A Bubbler Isn’t The Same Thing as a Bong

In a way, they are very close to each other. Like larger water pipes, bubblers use water to increase filtration. This means that bubblers will give smokers the same clean, easy hits that bongs are famous for. The primary difference is that the bowls on bubblers tend to be much smaller.

But, instead of a tall and unwieldy water pipe, bubbler glass pipes are conveniently sized.

For smokers who love the smooth feeling of a bong hit, this opens up a whole new world. With a bubbler, you can bring the comfort of a bong wherever you go– without the inconvenience.

Tired of the water filtration? Simply empty the water, and your bubbler glass pipe will function as a normal glass bowl.

2. Bubblers Filter Smoke Well

One major difference between bongs and bubblers is the complexity. As bongs evolved through history, glass crafters found ways to develop stronger smoke filtration systems. Percolators are glass formations within the bong, and help to stop and cool the smoke. Most basic bongs under $100 have one percolator, in addition to the downstem piece that connects the bong to the bowl. Higher-end bongs have more percolators, which aid in cooling the smoke.

Most bubblers keep filtration basic with a water chamber. However, this water plays a crucial role in removing the harsh taste and rough feeling of the smoke.

To get the same smooth filtration as a bong, try a bubbler with a percolator. Percolators are glass shapes within the piece that tone down the harsh qualities of the smoke. Try browsing our selection to find your next percolator bubbler!

3. There are Several Different Styles of Bubbler Pipes

Not all bubblers look and function exactly the same. Like bongs, there are several different styles of bubblers in various shapes. These are some of the most common styles of bubbler pipes.

Hammer Bubbler

Hammer bubbler pipes are shaped like smaller hammers, rather than glass bowls. The longer handle also provides more space to create even more smoke.

Our tree percolator hammer bubbler filters smoke better than the average bubbler by having the smoke pass through several glass rods. The ribbed showerhead percolator hammer bubbler offers additional filtration using a narrow tube.

Hammer Bubbler

Animal bubblers are a popular trend, especially for water-loving animals like elephants. These bubbler pipes are a great way to smoke your dry herbs with filtration, and while mobile.

This elephant bubbler is a fully functional beauty that makes a great addition to any collection! With four legs, it’s completely freestanding, and will rest on any flat surface.

4. There are Plenty of Times You Can Smoke a Bubbler

Think about all of the times you’ve smoked out of a glass bowl. Then, think about how much you wish you were smoking your bong. Smoke a bubbler to get the best of both worlds!

Bubblers are great whenever portability is key. If you are going to smoke before an event, at a friend’s house, or on vacation, then bring a bubbler. You’ll be able to smoke the same way you would with a bowl, with great comfort.

So, if you’re traveling, but don’t want to leave the comfort of your bong behind — bring a bubbler.

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If you’re serious about smoking, then you know that bongs are the way to go. A bong really ties a room together. But, when bongs are too bulky, bubblers are the way to go.