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We’ve got a variety of fun and unique stash containers including herb storage containers, silicone containers and wooden dugouts that extend the shelf life of your finest flowers.


There are a few key culprits to weed aging: heat, light and moisture. It’s all about maintaining a delicate balance. Exposure to too much of any of these, changes the molecular structure, degrades weed and reduces the intoxicating effects of THC over time. You should keep your weed containers in a cool dark place if you want to maximize the shelf life of your cannabis. Arid environments dry your herbs out faster than you can find a good movie to watch stoned. When this happens, the flavor and potency of your flowers will dramatically change and your loose leaf cannabis will become more brittle, but have no fear! You can still get the most out of your cannabis experience with our Everythingfor420 stash containers!


Silicone dab containers are essential to preserve the freshness, flavor and intoxicating effects that make dabs, dabs. The Poke Ball wax container, one of our best silicone containers, slips easily into your pocket for when you play Pokémon Go by the pier and find yourself face to face with a Dratini. We’ve also got tiny dab containers that fit on your keychain, so you’ll never have to worry if you’ve accidentally left the house without it. If you’re looking for a discreet, travel-sized dabbing set that you can take with you everywhere you go, be sure to check out our tin dabbing kit, which includes a silicone wax container and dabbing tool in a sturdy metal case. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that at Everythingfor420, all of our silicone containers and accessories are 100% food-grade, non-stick and heat-safe.


It’s time to throw out that Ziplock bag you’ve been carrying around! Storing cannabis in reusable plastic that contains BPA could pose a risk to your health as toxic chemicals may leach into your flowers. We’ve got much safer alternatives for your herb like this Pink Wooden Dugout or Raw Metal Tin, so that once you’ve lit one up you can store the rest safely in an airtight, smell proof container that you can pocket.


At, you can snag all the accessories you need to make sure you’re getting the most out of your herb or concentrates. Check out this lighter holder on a leash, so you’ll never have to scrounge around for your lighter again. We’ve also got cases for your pipe or vape pen and Boveda humidity packs to make sure your flowers aren’t too wet or dry. No matter what your smoking preference is, we’ve got you covered, so you can maximize the experience.


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Top 8 Best Wax Containers for Dabs

If you’re in the market for the best wax containers for weed concentrates, then chances are you already know what cannabis extracts are all about. Whatever consistency your cannabis concentrates are in, scraping them off a surface can be difficult because of how sticky dabs can become. Since THC shatters and cannabis waxes are so sensitive to temperatures, you can wind up with a gooey mess and half of your weed concentrates left stuck behind on something. Most dabs are sold in plastic containers but that doesn’t mean you should keep them there. If you’re looking for great low cost concentrate containers you may want to check out a few options on this list.

Best Wax Containers for Dabs

Silicone Jar Variety Pack

I’ve used a few generic brands, but I really like Dab Star’s single screw lid design. Dab Star makes some of the best wax containers you can buy. The silicone is thicker so it won’t wear down and start popping open. When the grooves are lined up, the lid lays flush with the base of the wax container, so dirt doesn’t get mixed in with my cannabis concentrates. These are cool because of double-seal function. Once the lid is screwed on, the middle can be pinched to create a second seal.

I like this variety pack with 3 different size containers because it gives you some great options. It is non-stick so I’m able to scoop up every bit of my cannabis concentrates. They clean up easily with just soap and warm water, and are heat resistant up to 450 degrees. I’ve left these in the sun before and my cannabis shatter melted, but because these are able to be frozen, I tossed the silicone wax container into the freezer and my cannabis concentrates re-harden.

Two–Compartment Concentrate Container 4-pack

The multiple compartment design is super convenient for me. It has two different compartments to store my different types of cannabis concentrates in. It can be annoying juggling a bunch of little wax containers for dabbing if you enjoy having a lot of BHO shatters to choose from. I like the attached lid feature of this wax container as well. The attached lid helps you to not lose any pieces. It makes it easier for storing cannabis concentrates. This lid snaps on easily and the wax container does a great job at staying closed.

I’ve left one of these in my car a time or two, and unfortunately all of my cannabis concentrates melted. To my surprise, the silicone container kept all of my cannabis concentrates in their original compartments. The silicone is of a higher grade, and is thicker. The silicone material makes it really easy to clean out the crevices of the compartments and has held up its shape perfectly. If you’re looking for a great multi compartment container, this might be the best wax container for you.

Silicone “dab” Stand for Wax

This is one of the better pieces of silicone I keep around my dabbing set up. This smaller multi-function “dab” stand is great for holding wax and other things like dabber tools and carb caps. I have even seen ways to attach the center of this dab stand to glass pieces for easier access. Probably one of the cooler things about this product is it spells out the word “dab” which is the ultimate novelty.

This “dab” stand can hold your dabber tool and easily fit smaller 5ml containers. This is a great way to display your wax and also keep your dabber tool in place. Most people don’t like resting their wax covered tool on anything which is very understandable as wax is hard to get off somethings. Luckily this non-stick silicone container will do a great job holding your products and letting them go. I would recommend this for anyone looking to add some uniqueness to their dab setup.

Large Dab Jar 22ml Silicone Container

One thing I’ve noticed about dab containers is that I prefer them a little bit bigger sometimes. This large 22ml container is about the size of a person palm and can hold quite a bit of materials. If you are a fan of taking a lot of wax around with you, then this large container might be the best dab container for you. The non-stick silicone container can handle freezing temperatures as well as heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. If you like to carry around more than a gram at a time than this could help easily.

Most of your average dab containers are about 5ml or so so this container is great for your heavy dabbers. I also prefer the larger containers because its easier to put big pieces of shatter in the container. You wont have to worry about any of your product going to waste as it will easily come off this non-stick container. I find glass containers usually hold onto a little bit of your products.

Wax Wallet by 420 Science

If you are looking for something a little bit sleeker, the Wax Wallet provides a pretty cool design. There is an outer shell with a clamshell hinge to keep the top and bottom together when you open and close it. The Wax Wallet holds about 1 gram which is pretty standard for most basic containers. I’m a fan of the hinge on the Wax Wallet because I have lost a few lids before while being careless, so this helps prevent that.

I have seen this item in a few colors but I like the light green ones typically. If you are looking for a wax container that’s a little different than the all silicon jars that are pretty common, give the wax wallet a try. I was turned off by the outer hinge design at first but after using it, I can say I like it. I have used quite a few different silicon jars, but this is one of the best wax containers for dabs I own.

Dabhead Hexagon Jar

I use this guy when I have a large amount of a specific cannabis concentrate. I have a dab rig that acts as a straw, so the silicone mat makes it super convenient to drop a dab on. Since it is made of heat resistant silicone, I can place my heated nail tip onto the mat without worrying that I’m going to melt it. The silicone material this jar and mat are made of is heat resistant up to 500 degrees, which is awesome. Most silicone containers can only withstand 450 degrees.

The hexagon shape looks cool, and it makes it easier to store places. The dab tool it comes with has 2 different tips for whatever type of cannabis concentrate I’m trying to dab. It is extremely easy to clean. Its non-stick surface doesn’t allow the sticky cannabis concentrates to adhere. I love that I can toss this whole set-up into my dishwasher and it always comes out clean. This is one of the best wax container kits you can guy. It’s good to know that I’m not keeping my precious cannabis concentrates in some chemical riddled container.

Silicone Alley Silicone Dab Station

This is a really sweet set-up for dabbing. This dab station comes with a silicone dab mat, 2 silicone wax containers, and a dabbing tool. The silicone dab mat is great for catching any dropped dabs and is heat resistant like the silicone containers. The dabbing tool in this wax container kit comes with 2 removable silicone tips. Also these silicone in this dabbing kit is heat resistant up to 450 degrees, and can also be frozen. The cannabis wax containers are made from the highest quality platinum cured silicone and I love knowing that the wax container will last.

I have had no issues with the lids on these. They are made of thicker silicone and stay on very tightly. The silicone dab mat and wax containers can be washed in the dishwasher and are non-stick, so they come out clean every time. The dabber tool in this cannabis concentrates kit has 2 different ends, which is crucial to whatever consistency my cannabis concentrates are. These are some of the best wax containers for concentrates and the whole kit is great.

Silicone Screw Top Wax Containers

These are a great pack of wax concentrate containers. I really like the swirly marble design and different colors of this 4 pack of silicone containers. It makes it easier to determine which silicone wax container is holding my cannabis concentrates and which ones are holding my cannabis waxes or THC shatters. You can screw the lid on the wax container and it seals well. Also I can throw it in my hiker’s pack and know that the wax container isn’t going to pop open and leak out my BHO wax.

These silicone wax containers have thicker walls and won’t lose their shape, like some wax containers I’ve bought before. I also like the fact that silicone blocks out UV’s and moisture. This is one of the best wax containers you can get for extracts. Literally, nothing sticks to the silicone material, so cleaning these wax containers is a very quick and simple process. I didn’t find it hard to screw the dab lids on and off and they can hold at least a gram of cannabis wax.

I started using silicone containers that I got from a local head shop, and will not be using any other type of material to store my cannabis waxes in. When I carry around my dabs in my pocket, I don’t have nearly as big of an issue with melted weed concentrates. Even if my cannabis waxes or cannabis concentrates do wind up melting inside the silicone dab container, I never struggle with scooping my BHO wax out. Cannabis concentrates don’t stick to silicone, which means no more wasted dabs. The lids would start to warp and the container wouldn’t hold together as well. These are the top 5 best wax containers for dabs that I use. If you’re a noob to the world of dabbing, you can click here to learn more about what they are. Believe me when I say silicone makes the best wax containers.

In this article, I review the top 5 best wax containers for dabs. I discuss the material they are made of, and the functional ability of each wax container.