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10 best cone fillers You Can Buy Online Now!

Smoking papers are practically as old as smoking itself. The timeless skill of rolling is passed from smoker to smoker, and each of us tries to roll that perfect cone. It’s a fun skill to master, but honestly, who has time for that anymore? These days it seems like we’re lucky to have a minute for a nice, relaxed smoke session, and we certainly don’t want to end up spending that precious little time having to reroll a joint four times.

Fortunately, the modern age has brought us much more than just scientific glass and incredible concentrates. Amongst these many improvements and conveniences are the tried-and-true pre-rolled cones. These rolling papers come shaped into the perfect pre-rolled cone, so you can just grind up your herp, pack it into the cone with one of these fillers, and get the most out of your limited downtime.

What should I know before choosing a filler?

Basically, it comes down to your smoking habits. You’ll want to consider the size of the fillers, the size of the rolling papers, and the capacity of each product (of course, price is always a factor as well). It’s important to make sure the size of your cone filling rig is compatible with your favorite size rolling papers.

If you just smoke occasionally, alone or in small groups, or just not a whole lot at once, you’ll probably be happiest with a 1 1 / 4 size cone filler. But if you constantly find yourself smoking like a freight train, you should consider a king size cone filling product; you can even get a cone filler that will make multiple joints at once so your smoke session doesn’t have to stop between each joint.

Why use cones instead of papers?

The most obvious answers are consistency and time consumption. A pre-rolled cone is almost guaranteed to help with both of these. But, that doesn’t mean we don’t love rolling our own every now and then. We’ve even included a couple of great alternatives that will let you roll your own papers, but with all the convenience of using a cone filler. Most of all, we ask that you please fill and enjoy responsibly.

RAW Six Shooter – $22

This is one of the best cone filling devices around. The RAW Six Shooter is an incredibly versatile product and comes at a great price. You can load one, two, three, or even SIX cones at once! Don’t let the detailed instructions scare you away because this product is a breeze to use. We definitely recommend pairing it with your favorite RAW pre-rolled cone, and it’s available in king size or 1 1 / 4 size.

RAW Cone Loader – $14.75

If you don’t need the versatility of our first pick but still want all the convenience, RAW can take care of that too. The cone loader is the perfect balance of simplicity and functionality. Grab your best cone, toss some herb in the scoop, slip it into the end of your cone, and pack it to your preferred density. You’ll be smoking a professional-looking product in no time.

RAW Cone Filler – $10.45

RAW isn’t top rated in the cone filling world for nothing, and this product just shows even more of why they’re the best. This one is pretty popular, and you may have even heard it called “the cone shooter” after their famous Six Shooter fillers. It’s as simple as sliding the tip of your cones over the end of the cone shooter, loading up with herb, using the included tool to pack it into a nice loaf, closing the lid, and pulling back to fill your cone. After it’s filled, you can even use the included poker to make sure every bit of your bud is included.

BUDDIES Bump Box – $34.45

We started with six and went down to one cone at a time. It’s time to step it up. This cone filling product will load an unbelievable 34 cones at once! That’s right – 34 of your favorite king size rolling papers, all loaded up simultaneously. This is the best if you want to pack enough cones for the whole week (or one really wild afternoon) all at once.

Kush RX Rollr Rolling Tool – $5

Sometimes we go for pre-rolled cones, but it’s nice to roll your own cones occasionally. This handy tool is perfect for the smoker that wants an accessory for both of those options. Use the outside to roll perfect cones, then use the inner funnel to load them with ease. And if you want to use a pre-roll, just skip the rolling step and pack it with the funnel. It doesn’t get easier or more convenient than this 2-in-1 tool.

Cone Artist Roll and Fill Tool – $5.37

1 1 / 4 size to king size

This is another of our favorite multifunctional tools. Just like the Roller, this tool does double duty as both a roller and a cone filler. You can easily roll whatever size paper you prefer, and pack it full with the funnel tool.

RAW Adjustable Rolling Machine – $5.99

If instead of pre-rolled cones you prefer to have freshly rolled cones, but still don’t want to go to the trouble of rolling, a rolling machine may be the best choice for you. We weren’t kidding about RAW being top rated with good reason, and they’ve made our list yet again. Instead of a cone filler, this handy device will let you roll any paper into the best cones possible in just seconds.

Juicy Jay Perfect Cigar Roller – $7.99

Juicy Jay is another of our favorite names in the smokable world. Although they don’t have anything for cone filling, you won’t miss pre-rolled cones or fillers when you use this roller. Just pop in your favorite paper, load with your favorite herb, and roll up some of the best cones you’ve ever seen.

RAW Automatic Rolling Box – $15

If you want to make a big impression at your next group smoke session without paying a “big impression” price, this is the best way to do it. It’s the meeting point of fillers and rollers. You slide your paper, filter tip, and bud into the rolling apron (with the box open), then simply close the box and watch your perfectly rolled cones pop right out the front. This is one of the coolest and best rolling products around.

RAW Thumper Cone Filler – $4,681

Alright, so maybe you didn’t come here looking for personal consumption products. If you need to make a commercial amount of filled cones, this is the best way to do it. The price makes it clear that this is a commercial product, although we wonder if Snoop has one for personal use.


Whether you’re packing it with modern CBD flower or more traditional bud, your best joint experience is sure to include perfect cones and these awesome fillers. As you roll more cones, you’ll start to figure out your preferred density and size, until you hone in on the best balance for your smoking needs. It may take a little practice, but hey, who’s complaining about that sort of practice? As always, please fill, roll, and smoke responsibly.

Smoking papers are practically as old as smoking itself. The timeless skill of rolling is passed from smoker to smoker, and each of us tries to roll that perfect cone. It’s a fun skill to master, but honestly, who has time for that anymore? These days it seems like we’re lucky to have a minute for a nice, relaxed smoke

Cones & Tubes

Cones are ready-made empty joints. These king-size sleeves come with a tip, so you only need to fill it with smokables. Smoking cannabis, without rolling a joint.

Cones King-Size Joint Tubes (Futurola) 109 mm

Cones King-Size Joint Tubes (Greengo) 109 mm

Cones King-Size Classic (RAW) 109 mm

Cones King-Size Brown Joint Tubes (Futurola) 109 mm 1000 pieces

Cones Black Label (Mountain High) 109 mm

Cones King-Size Pre Rolled Joint Sleeves (Mountain High) 109 mm

Cones Unbleached (Mountain High) 109 mm

Big Joint Cones & Tubes (Futurola)

Cones Organic (RAW) 109 mm

Cones Reefer-Size Joint Tubes (Futurola) 109 mm 500 pieces

Cones Transparent (Cyclones) 110 mm

Cones Slim-Size Joint Tubes (Futurola) 98 mm 800 pieces

No time for, or not feeling like rolling a joint? Dutch-Headshop has the ideal solution for you. With cones and sleeves, rolling a joint yourself is a thing of the past.

What are cones?

Cones are ready-to-use joints without contents. The joints come with a tip and the only thing to do is filling it with marijuana, hash or tobacco. Cones are ideal if you cannot, or do not want to roll. Cones are also called joint sleeves.

Different sizes

Cones are available in many sizes. The size of a joint is very important for the smoker. As each smoker has its own preference regarding the size of a joint. The different sizes are shown below.

  • 98 mm
  • 109 mm
  • 140 mm
  • 180 mm
  • 280 mm


The Cones at the Dutch-Headshop are made by two different producers, Futurola and Raw.

Futurola is known for its quality and reliable rolling papers, and also its cones are of good quality. Futurola cones are made of ultra-thin paper. Furthermore, the cones come in a handy cardboard box, suitable to bring along your filled cones. Futurola offers cones in all of the above-mentioned sizes.

Raw cones differ in color from Futurola cones. Raw cones are made of unbleached paper and have a light-brown color. For Raw it is important the production process is natural. Therefore, the cones are produced in a natural way. Raw cones come in the standard size of 109 mm.

Cone fillers

Filling a cone can be done manually, but there is much easier way to fill your cones. Cone fillers are perfectly suited to prepare your cones for smoking in just a few seconds. Below are the cone fillers available at the Dutch-Headshop. With each cone filler you can fill one or several cones easily and quickly.

  • Joint filler (kulu) 25 pieces
  • Jointmaker Joint-4
  • Cone Filler machine (Raw)
  • Jointmaker Joint-4 Logo Dutch-Headshop

Save effort and time of rolling a joint and order your cones easily and quickly at the Dutch-Headshop. You are even better equipped with a cone filler and your joints are ready to use in no time.

A cone is a ready-to-use pre-rolled joint or empty casing with a tip, or an already rolled but empty cigarette rolling paper with filter tip. The cone is rolled so that it is conical and has the shape of a Joint. Also, the king-size cones already have a tip, so you only need to fill it with smoking products. You can fill the cone manually or with a specially designed filling machine, for example the Joint Maker Joint-4 or the Joint Filler The Relexy. Cones are available in different sizes and brands. Cones are also called joint tubes.