weed kit for sale

Weed kit for sale

Life is confusing. Are you on the right path? Well you’re about to be. with The Path Pipe! An ingenious – and gorgeous – hand pipe that cools smoke with a maze-like path for ultra smooth hits. The magic begins as soon as you inhale, drawing smoke through the bowl to begin its exciting journey down a winding, .


Take your portable weed game to the next level with this cool leather dugout kit from SilverStick. This beautiful leather kit is made from premium Italian leather and makes the perfect classy companion for smoking about town. Open up this leather dugout kit to find a SilverStick filtered pipe (which you may remember .

The coolest new weed gear, smoking devices, gadgets, tools and accessories.

The complete kit to grow at home year-round

Go green this holiday and give the gift that gives back ounces

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Discreet Packaging

Every order comes shipped in discreet, stealth packaging.

Legal Worldwide

Our grow kits are legal in all 50 states and across the globe.

$40 Seed Coupon

Every grow kit comes with a $40 coupon for your strain of choice from our seed partner!


Mini Complete Pot Grow Kit (1/2 Gallon)

Small Complete Pot Grow Kit (2 gallon)

Medium Complete Pot Grow Kit (5 gallon)

Large Complete Pot Grow Kit (35 gallon)

Whats in the box?

Whether you prefer indoor grows or gardening in your backyard, our grow kits come with everything you need to go from 0 to bountiful harvest all year round.

  • Grow Guide
  • $40 Seed Coupon
  • Fabric Pot
  • Pot Drain Saucer
  • Seed Germination Kit
  • Superb Soil
  • Beneficial Bacteria
  • Diatomaceous Earth
  • Aeration Top Soil Mix
  • Coco Brick
  • Rooting Booster
  • Smartphone Camera Lenses
  • Natural Leaf Shine
  • Watering Can / Spray Bottle
  • Trimming Scissors

A Pot for Pot provides the best outdoor and indoor growing kits for marijuana, cannabis, tomatoes, and other fresh herbs. Follow our simple step-by-step Grow Guide and harvest up to 8 Oz in only 80 days! It's easy. Just add water, seed, and sun.