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Obviously, a spliff ain’t a spliff until it’s burning. Sure, you can use a humble match or a standard disposable lighter (and who hasn’t been reduced to using a gas burner at some point?), but when you want to light up in style, we have deluxe, novelty, and turbo lighters to suit. For the old-schoolers among you, they can also be held aloft at rock concerts.

Novi Plasma Lighter

The Novi Lighter is a stylish plasma lighter that operates completely electrical without the need for refills or lighter fluid. The Novi Lighter will work reliably even in wind and weather and you can easily recharge it via USB so that it will last you for many years!

Torch Hyper Lighter

Wether you work in a garage or laboratory or you enjoy having a dab, sooner or later you’ll need a lighter or blowtorch. And that’s when the Torch Hyper Lighter comes handy. It provides a high power blue jet flame that can be controlled by adjusting the air and gas supply. One filling is enough for 220 minutes of constant operation. Comes with a rack.

Big Shot (Higher Standards x Blazer)

The Big Shot is the result of a collaboration between Higher Standards x Blazer. This handheld butane torch is of the highest quality and really sets itself apart from the competition. There are so many fine things to say about the Big Shot. But don’t take our word for it—check it out for yourself!

Lighter Clipper Warrior

Need a light (in the dark)? Get your hands on some clipper lighters and give a light to the ones in need . including yourself. Occasional real enlightenment not ruled out. Always keep sharp and other potentially dangerous things out of reach from children.

Lighter Side Kick

As simple as this might look, it is an ingenious lighter for cigarette smokers, stoners and pipe smokers alike. The Side Kick Lighter has an adjustable nozzle to perfectly ignite your smoking device of choice. Keep out of reach of children.

Smoker Giftset Need For Weed

Small gifts preserve friendship. This little set, containing a metal pipe, 5 screens and a lighter in one pack, is the ideal small gift for the stoner enthusiast and those who are just getting started. Let there be weed!

Zamnesia Clipper Lighter

Set fire to your blunt with this awesome Zamnesia Clipper lighter.

Lighter Clipper Trippy

Clipper lighters have a special feature that makes them perfectly apt for lighting up a bong – when held at an angle, the size of the flame increases. These lighters are refillable and made from a high ratio of recycled materials, making them a “green” choice. Extra tip: The removable igniter unit is often misused as a poker for (unlit!) joints.

RAW Hemp Wick

RAW Hemp Wick helps minimize the amount you expose yourself to prolonged butane and chemical use by replacing the use of a lighter when lighting your bowl. Grown in China using traditional 1,000-year-old techniques, RAW have ensured that their hemp wick is grown meeting the most stringent sustainability criteria – without the use of pesticides.

Lighter Clipper Edition Soft Touch

Clipper lighters enjoy cult status because of the solid and reliable build and of course the removable flint stone unit (often abused as a tamper). Well, this “Soft Touch” collector’s edition is based on the regular line, but the body is covered with an anti-slip coating that provides a very smooth surface feel. Act responsible – store out of reach of children. Colour: Random.

Lighter Clipper CCCP

Comrades, show your support for Mother Russia with these space-themed lighters by Clipper. Clipper brings us another eco-friendly, safe and top-quality lighter, adorned with a retro Soviet print. 3-2-1 . Ignition! The Clipper CCCP comes in 4 different designs, randomly selected.

Lighter Clipper Retro Wave

Clipper is known for their first-rate lighters that come in an amazing variety of prints and designs. The Clipper Retro Wave is no exception. There are four designs. Selected at random.

Pocket Torch Lighter

The Easy Torch Lighter is a high quality lighter that won’t let you down lighting up even the fattest ones thanks to its powerful jet flame. It has a wonderful smooth surface that makes lighting up all kinds of things strangely and eerily satisfying: It feels sooo good in your hand that you really want to hold it all the time!

Clipper Universal Flints (9pcs)

Making sure that your durable and long lasting Clipper lighter upholds its environmental cred means having replacement flints. This pack of nine is a must have addition to any stash box. Compatibility with other lighters means you can’t go wrong with these universal replacement flints.

Lighter Clipper Cartoon

The Clipper is a multi-functional smoking aid made from super strong nylon. Essential tamping needs are catered for in two ways.

Green Jay E-Lighter

This lighter will very likely revolutionise the way joints are lit. By harnessing electric power, it can be used for much longer than regular lighters. Embrace the future with the E-Lighter.

Metal Clipper Jet Flame

Sick of cheap or unreliable lighters? The Metal Clipper Jet Flame will keep you covered. With a reliable and wind-resistant flame, easy use, stylish look and metal travel case, you will never be without a flame.

Champ High Torch Lighter

From the team at Champ High comes a torch that is bound to be your go-to accessory for many years to come. With its sleek red design, it looks more like a fire extinguisher than a starter! Activated by a single click, this device features a two-flame system that burns up to 1400°C—perfect for applying consistent heat to your rig. The torch contains butane and can be easily refilled.

Pocket Torch Lighter Freestyle

Fed up of unreliable clipper lighters? Done with matches? This is the lighter for you! The Freestyle is a unique take on the classic torch lighter we’ve all come to know. With a rubberised grip, this torch is perfect for all types of smokers. Producing a reliable jet flame at the click of a button, the Freestyle is refillable. Colour: Random

Lighter Clipper Neon

Automatically reach for a clipper when you want environmental cred, especially for those cunningly bio-accumulating little things. Not a greenwash, but real, provable cred.

Blazer Big Buddy Torch

The Blazer Big Buddy Torch outperforms finicky lighters and weak flames every time. The device blasts joints and dab nails with a 2500°F (1371°C) turbo flame. Embrace pure power.

Lighter Clipper Shroom

Clipper lighters are produced since decades and many people collect the different designs this company offers. Here are four more for your collection. The catch: We reserve the right to grab them as they come, blindfolded, with hammering metal playing at a deafening volume . in a dark room. Could you give me a light?

Micro Torch Lighter (Honest)

The Honest micro torch lighter with its powerful jet-flame isn’t just the perfect lighter for your bong or pipe. It is very handy for all kinds of stuff, from your next barbecue to lab-work or anywhere else where you want a pure and powerful flame. The torch lighter is powered with butane gas and you can easily refill it for a life-time of endless uses!

Lighter Clipper The Classics

Automatically reach for a clipper when you want environmental cred, especially for those cunningly bio-accumulating little things. Not a greenwash, but real, provable cred. Every time a Clipper is refilled or re-flinted, an elementary act of awareness for the planet has been made.

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Information About Lighters

The cannabis-lover’s toolkit consists of many different items. Some are absolutely crucial to the smoking process, whereas others are more novel and a bit of fun. Lighters definitely fall into the former category.

Where would cannabis smokers be without the humble lighter? Maybe blazing bowls with flint and steel, or burning blunts with matches that spoil the taste. We have a lot to thank the lighter for. This basic but vital piece of kit makes smoking accessible with the flick of a flint wheel.


Not all cannabis lighters are the same. With many different options available, every smoker has a favourite type. Some of them possess hidden and handy tools; others provide extreme heat capable of making metal glow red-hot. Let’s check out the different kinds of lighters and what makes them unique.


Clipper lighters are the quintessential stoner lighter. They are simple and low-tech, yet boast several features that make them more useful than standard plastic lighters. Founded in 1959, the company Flamagas created these devices. However, they didn’t start producing their famous Clipper lighter until about a decade later.

Classic Clippers feature a cylindrical shape that tapers up slightly towards the top. The hard nylon body contains the lighter fluid and won’t crack like cheaper lighters. They’re also 100% recyclable, making them better for the environment.

Zamnesia Clipper Lighter

They come filled with pure isobutane, which produces less harmful emissions and creates a flame that burns at a higher rate. The bottom of each lighter features a port that allows users to refill it with gas.

The top of the lighter features a flint wheel and a gas release button. The flint wheel sits on top of a tube that users can remove from the interior of the lighter. Users can refill this tube with a flint when they run out. Plus, the tube makes an ideal tool for packing down joints after rolling.

Overall, Clipper lighters are cheap yet extremely handy. Because users can replace both gas and flint, a single lighter can last you years, considering one of your blazed friends doesn’t accidentally pocket it!


Torches are bulky pieces of kit that produce an incredibly hot jet-like flame. These gun-shaped devices are ideal for home use rather than blazing while out and about. Although they aren’t very portable, they sacrifice size for power.

Torches store large quantities of fuel, such as butane, and blast out a powerful flame ideal for burning large blunt tips and bong bowls. Torches are also ideal for dabbing. They’ll turn a dabbing nail red hot, ready to hit in no time at all.

Most models feature a large base and enable users to store them standing up. Torches also often feature a “lock” switch so users can take their hands off the gas button while dabbing and blazing. Torches are refillable with butane and are the best lighters to use if you like to hit big rigs every day.


Electric—or plasma—lighters use no gas and require no refills. These modern versions of the old-school lighter are far more reliable and operate well in windy conditions and harsh weather. Electric cannabis lighters don’t even produce a flame. Instead, they light joints by generating lines of electric energy.

For example, the Novi Plasma Lighter produces an electric “X” in place of a flame. Because they don’t use fuel, these lighters produce zero toxic chemicals. These intersecting lines of electricity produce an impressive temperature of 500°C. Ran out of power? Simply recharge your device using a USB cable.

Electric lighters are ideal for blazing joints, spliffs, and blunts. However, the lack of flame means they aren’t suitable for dabbing—they are the best lighters for those who like their tech, though.

Get your spliff burning with a lighter from Zamnesia. Zamnesia offers many basic lighters. We also offer deluxe, novelty, and turbo lighters.