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Stoned? Try these 5 Board Games

By Melissa Bacal | Jun 19, 2020, 3:13 PM EDT

High with your friends but don’t have anything fun to do? Try playing these games — you will have a great time and laugh for hours!

1. Jenga

In Jenga, you build a wooden tower and players have to remove pieces one by one without knocking the tower over. The suspense when removing each piece guarantees a good time! Purchase Jenga on Amazon.

2. Delux Weed

The Delux Weed Card Game is an easy to follow game where players compete to grow the most plants. Your group of friends will have so much fun once you get into this game! Purchase the game on Amazon.

3. Weed-Opoly

Weed-Opoly is a board game where you ride a tractor through a marijuana farm and try to be the first to reach “End I’m Stoned” first — if you win, you become the head Weed-Opolist. This game will cause a lot of laughs with cards asking you to complete challenges such as “Name 5 slang words for marijuana”. Purchase the game on Amazon.

4. Lords of Cannabis

Lords of Cannabis is a strategic board game where players build, trade, and steal their way to become the Lord of Cannabis. You will have a great time competing with your friends to become the true Lord! Purchase the game on BoardGameGeek.

5. The Legendary Underground Game of Zonk

The Legendary Underground Game of Zonk is a social dice game where you compete to reach 10,000 points. Don’t worry if you’re not the first to reach the finish line, everybody wins in Zonk! Purchase Zonk on their webstie.

You and your friends will have a great time playing these board games! ]]>