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Marijuana and poker?

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Why do you believe a person should not play poker under it’s influence?

I mean who cares? Why would I be concerned with what someone else is doing? It’s their choice. they can do as they please imo.

Personally I don’t smoke marijuana but I’m definitely not opposed to it at all. On the contrary. I’m all for it! Freedom of choice!!

OK, so I’m not a marijuana smoker/eater/juicer (or what have you) but I cannot conceive of how it could possibly help your game. However, I’d be quite happy to play stone cold sober against a table of high players any day. Let me know the time and place – I’ll be there.

for medical reasons, of course (COF COF) lol

just kidding.. but I used it a couple of times and my brain just got slower and I was a lot less capable of mantaining my concentration on the game

I really think it’s not very good for your bankroll to use it and play under the influence, what makes more sense is to take something that activates your brain, raise the level of dopamine and keep you focused, like ritalin. Marijuana also raises the dopamine and endorphine levels (if I do remember correctly), but it also affects your short term memory, and just that side effect may hugely affect your performance.

But good luck anyhow!

In a recent case study conducted at the university of New New York, Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth and his assistant Dr Zoidberg administered a large dose of the mind altering soft drink Slurm (TM) to a test group. A control group of equal number were given a placebo.

The entire group were asked to perform various tasks:

Calculate the odds of getting a flush draw with AKs preflop on 9 seat NLHE table.
Find a working password for any freeroll game.
Figure out how to make a pokerstar/poker school account and get it to work in less than 3 earth days.
Plot a course on a starmap to New New New Las Vegas on the Hawaiian pleasure planet Iwanahockalugie.
Bite Benders shiny metal a** (a personal request, not mandatory)

No single test subject managed any of these things, partly due to the control subjects being selected from a group of 160 year old residents of the artificial planet, Near Deathstar. None of them could remember their own names, and all of them had to be shot at with a bowel disruptor cannon to even pass gas. The results of these tests were almost 99.9% inconclusive, and since 99.98626553% of all percentages are made up, this study proves beyond a doubt that this study was a complete and utter waste of time.

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