weed scoop

Weed scoop

@ SkutFarkus Scoop-n-Tamp by Delta 3D Studios. best tool ever! :100:

Nice avatar, Scut. “He had yellow eyes! So help me, God! Yellow eyes!” :sweat:

I break up my bud using a pair of trimmers, and then I simply push my finger down on it to load it into my vape crucible.

I don’t collect kief – so I’m curious what your experience has been like using that tool for loading flower?

I don’t use a grinder anymore at home because I use such a small amount per bowl/session in my MV1 that it just wasn’t that practical anymore. The ‘scoop’ style tools (like from Delta Studios) aren’t that practical for me because I need to retrieve the flower from a rolling tray and not a container/grinder that I can ‘scoop’ from. So this flat Keefer Scraper I just learned about today intrigues me, I would only be using it for flower.

yes mateget some. I got my pack of S&B brushes a few years ago now. I’m still on brush no.1!

So sturdy and durable. Perfect for brushing the Elev8r screen clear as one usage example, or any brushable gauze without the bristles wearing.

I brush grinders out too. Depends on the grinder a thinner brush may work better. But these are very good, sturdy brushes. Can even work for sweeping up in the back yard, just takes a bit longer that’s all!

I also have the New Vape scoop and it does a very good job of loading vapes with bowls of a certain size or shape such as the Pax or a Grasshopper. As you say, it’s also a pretty good gauge of ‘0.1’.

However, what it’s not so good at is scooping herb out of a grinder as it’s simply the wrong shape, whereas the Scoop-N-Tamp is perfect in this regard. The only issue I have with it is that it’s attracted to the magnet on my Brilliant Cut Grinder. However, Delta 3D now do a nylon version for that very reason.

The E-Nano’s stem scoops it right up and to the right level too.
Weed scoops best in the medium BCG but it’s grinds best in the SCS.
The only other tool I use with it is a wooden toothpick to clear the holes on the glass screen.

It’s pure simplicity and ease of use. I have yet to combust with it. It does make me cough too much at times because, of all the things to complain about, it’s a bit too smooth and I will inhale too much vapor. But I don’t realize it until it’s too late and I’m coughing my guts out which is a fail for me; I want NO coughing. I’m figuring it out though.

I use to pinch and pack, or grind and then fill a container to dispense from(doobtube,etc). But then one day I found this shovel and I haven’t gone back. What does everyone else do/use?

Scoop-N-Tamp Vape Tool

Product Description

The perfect tool for loading your herbal vaporizer! The scoop was designed to precisely load ground herbs / tobacco into a vaporizer, the other end holds a small 7.5mm (0.295inch) round tamping tool for compressing your herb for optimal efficiency (especially vaporizers with a conductive style heater design)

Looking for a custom size? No problem! Contact us for special requests

NOTE: This tool is printed off-site. It is 3D printed metal (420 Alloy Stainless steel). Inventory quantities are limited. Gold, Bronze, Brass and other finishes available upon special request

Fall 2018 Update: Due to a drastic increase in 3D printed steel prices, we are forced to increase our prices to partially cover the increase in material costs. We are constantly looking for new American based suppliers to reduce these extreme costs of 3D printing stainless steel.

Product Reviews

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Scoop and Stamp

Posted by Unknown on Oct 29th 2020

Makes my life a lot easier and I don’t have to use my grubby fingers anymore! Scoop works awesome and product doesn’t fall off. Stamp also works as expected with multiple devices. Highly recommend to anyone!

Works great

Posted by Unknown on Oct 13th 2020

Easy to use, tamp works perfect, scoop well designed, nothing ever falls out on its own (impressive). Great product, I highly recommend it if you’re often finding yourself wishing you had a scoop tool for your bowls like I used to.

Great tool

Posted by pug on Oct 12th 2020

Very solid build and feels heavy in your hand. It’s a useful tool. Would recommend.

Never spilling again

Posted by Unknown on Sep 24th 2020

This tool is essential! Before I would always spill my ground flower when trying to scoop it into my devices. With this product I no longer have to worry about doing sticking to small scoops or spilling my flower all over the place.

Shout out to Troy for introducing me to these.


Posted by Justin L. on Feb 4th 2020

Consistent well made products from your folks!

really a lovely tool

Posted by PremiumStoner on Jan 10th 2020

Thanks to Troy to make me discover this little tool. It’s also my first metal print and I really love this aspectn it’s very well designed. I love to play with it in my finger like antistress Showing reviews 1-10 of 19 | Next

Scoop-N-Tamp Vape Tool Product Description The perfect tool for loading your herbal vaporizer! The scoop was designed to precisely load ground herbs / tobacco into a vaporizer, the other end