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How to Roll A Blunt

Have you ever wondered how to roll a blunt? You’re in luck! Greenside Recreational has got you covered! The first time I smoked with anyone from Greenside Recreational was with a group smoking a blunt after work. The blunt was passed to me and I took a long draw. As I exhaled I asked who had rolled this beautiful blunt. They all pointed at the budtender Xavier. I knew this was my guy for a how-to.

We started off with a couple grams by Noble Farms from Tacoma, Washington. A single gram is a good amount for an average sized blunt using a standard wrap, although you can stuff more in one and you can certainly buy over sized wraps. Today we went with some Blackberry Headband for the first blunt and Ace of Spades for the second.

Being old school we used Swisher Sweets Cigarillos. You’ll have to break these up and remove the tobacco yourself. You can also by virgin wraps so you won’t have to remove tobacco, but where’s the fun in that?

Start at one ends and gently pull the outside apart with your thumbs. Work your way to the other end. If you ended up with a dry cigar this will be difficult. It’s important to gently squish a wrap when you buy it. If it’s crunchy, point that out to the clerk immediately and they will typically exchange. Typically you have to buy the cigar before you can handle it, so it’s important to check the freshness right there when it gets into your hands.

After you’ve broken it open, use a finger to push the tobacco out. Again, this will be difficult if the cigar is dry. You can see the ones we purchased were perfect.

Get your buds. We went with the full gram of Noble Farms Blackberry Headband for this one.

Break your buds apart. Some people simply don’t have ‘the touch’ and should not be doing this by hand, as they will destroy the weed. For those people there are grinders. But we’re professionals…

After the buds are broken down, proceed to pack the wrap. There’s no real strategy here aside from evenly displacing the herb.

It’s important to have the weed broken down properly and distributed evenly to ensure an even burn.

Work the weed into a manageable state. Some people use their phones or credit cards to pack down the broken up buds. Fingers work fine if you’re comfortable.

After a practice roll, lightly lick the inside of the wrap. You should lick the portion you intend to fold over, not the whole thing.

Continue your way down, lightly licking the inside before you fold. If a it it looks like it’s about to lift, use your tongue lightly to push it down. Careful to not get it too wet.

If you take your time and don’t get too eager to light it, you will be rewarded with a beautiful blunt that burns evenly.

Join Greenside Recreational in a brief yet informative step-by-step tutorial on how to roll a blunt using your favorite weed and wrap! ]]>