where can i buy a weed grinder

Weed Grinder

Are you looking for a nice grinder, weed crusher or shredder? Check out our range to find the best grinder for you. Never have to crumble weed or hash yourself again. Whether you’re after an electric weed grinder, hash grinder or a high-quality metal grinder: you’ll find them all here. All the grinders are competitively priced and delivered to your home at lightning speed!

Weed Grinder 4 parts (SLX Grinders) 50 mm

Zeus Bolt Grinder 4 parts (Zeus Arsenal) 55 mm

G-Rasp Hash Grinder (Hash Grinder Company)

Zeus Bolt XL Grinder 4 parts (Zeus Arsenal) 70 mm

Aluminum Grinder 4 parts (Dutch-Headshop) 50 mm

Eco Grinder 3 parts (Greengo) 50 mm

Aluminium Colors Grinder 4 parts 60 mm

Mini Grinder 2 parts (Black Leaf) 29 mm

Plastic Grinder 2 parts (Dutch-Headshop) 60 mm

Aluminum Grinder Grip 2 parts 50 mm

Mini Grinder 4 parts (Black Leaf) 29 mm

Aluminum Grinder 4 parts (Dutch-Headshop) 76 mm

With a Dutch-Headshop Weed Grinder, crumbling your marijuana by hand is a thing of the past. Let the grinder do the work and save the effort of doing this with your hands.

Buy a Weed Grinder

Do you want to buy a weed grinder? Then you’ve come to the right place with us. We have a wide range of weed crushers, grinders, shredders and crumblers. In every colour and as big or small as you could want. Check out what we have on offer and look for or compare all types of grinders. Filter on the material: wood, plastic or metal grinder. Compare grinders from all brands: SLX, Thorinder, ZenPen, Greengo, Dutch-Headshop Private Label and more. Choose how many parts you want your grinder to have: simple 2-part grinders up to really sophisticated 4-part grinders. And as the icing on the cake, you can also choose from all kinds of special weed crushers: grinder board, card grinder, electric weed grinder, mini grinder or hash grinder? You can find them all here!

Grinder Operation

Marijuana grinders have one important function: Grinding or crumbling marijuana. It is the perfect tool to make your marijuana smokable a few seconds. With the grinder you will save a lot of time and effort in crumbling weed. The grinder consists of two parts you can put on top of each other. By turning one half with you left hand, and holding the other part with your right hand, the grinder will turn. The turning will crumble the weed, thanks to the teeth in the grinder. The marijuana is then small and loose enough to put in your joint.

Types of Grinders, Weed Crushers and Shredders

Grinders come in different shapes and sizes. They can be made of different materials. The metal grinder is the most common in our product assortment. The prices range of metal grinders is between 5 and 50 euros. The price differences are determined by the quality of the grinders, of course. Apart from metal grinders, there are also wooden and plastic grinders. These grinders are relatively cheap, but they are definitely very handy to quickly crumble your weed for a nice price.

The Best Weed Grinder

Are you planning to buy a weed grinder at Dutch Headshop? If so, then you know you’re opting for quality. All of our grinders have been tested extensively. Each and every metal grinder, plastic weed crusher or shredder does its work perfectly. But do you have your heart set on only the best weed grinder? We understand that feeling very well. After all, you have to use a weed crusher quite frequently. For that reason, we have put together a list of the best weed grinders.

    Without question, the SLX Weed Grinder is in at number #1 as the very best weed grinder. As well as its seamlessly put-together parts, this metal grinder has a special coating which literally prevents anything from getting stuck in your grinder. That means never having to clean your grinder again, effortless weed crumbling with no bits stuck in the teeth, weed shredded to the perfect size, a high-quality THC screen, and more besides. The SLX is the best weed grinder par excellence. Available in 2 sizes!

Are you after price/quality? In that case, go for a Dutch Headshop Grinder ! A plastic or metal grinder fitted with all conveniences. Sharp teeth, extra storage space, pollen compartment, magnetic lid, scraper and a lovely Dutch Headshop logo. Available in all kinds of formats and extra-competitively priced.

Thorinder Metal Grinder ; consists of four parts, stainless, medical grade steel ergonomic design and magnetic lid. The stylish design and beautiful packaging make this metal grinder the perfect gift for giving to any weed smoker! A high-quality weed grinder with all conveniences!

  • In addition to these best sellers, we also have special grinders featuring the best weed grinder from each segment. Hash grinder ? Electric weed grinder? Mini Grinder or perhaps a card grinder ? Whatever type you’re after: you can buy the best weed grinder at Dutch-Headshop!
  • Grinder Brands

    The following brands of weed grinders are part of our product assortment:

    • SLX Grinder
    • Dutch-Headshop Private Label
    • Futurola
    • Kulu
    • ZenPen
    • Thorinder
    • Tsunami
    • Black Leaf
    • Greengo

    Discover the ease of a grinder. After use, you no longer know what to do without a grinder. Simply order from the Dutch-Headshop and crumb your herbs in no time with a beautiful weed grinder. Delivered quickly and discreetly!

    Thinking of buying a grinder, weed crusher or shredder? Find the best weed grinder here! Electric grinder, hash grinder or a metal grinder? Order them here!

    Guide to Buying Your New Weed Grinder

    When someone says that they need coffee with cream and add a little sugar, you tend to see the instruction as very easy, until you try. It requires skill, which you can learn, and the right equipment. Otherwise, you can ruin it. The same is true for vapes and grinders. The mix is effortless to pull, but you need the right skill and the right grinder. If you skip the grinder, then you are not helping yourself. This guide to buying your new weed grinder will be of tremendous help to you. Remember that these things affecting your grinder choice might appear new and strange, but it all happens because you are looking at something new and soon you shall be familiar with all the process and the selections.

    Understand the work of a grinder

    The grinder is the tool you use to churn and chop your smoke herbs. These herbs might include tobacco and marijuana. It would be an excellent choice for your grinding needs when you need to vape. The tool relies on compartments that help with the mixing and squeezing of the substance you place inside, and it relies on your effort to compress and do the grinding bit. If you watch old movies, you probably see people grinding their herbs by hand before smoking, and that scene is usually messy, The grinder offers a tidy outcome with finer ground particles that will fit into your pipe and mix with flavor well.

    Check the grinder material

    The material making the grinder should be hard to withstand the grinding process, and it should not be toxic. You want your herbs to remain safe for ingestion or smoking. Your choices include wood, metal, and acrylic. The material affects the cost of the grinder tool. Mental is usually the cheapest because of its ease of making while acrylic is also good since it has a very high melting point of 1000 degrees Celsius.

    Electric vs. manual options

    Most grinders are manual and efficient when you are going to use them in your leisure time. You will probably grind enough herbs to last you a week. The electric herb grinder does not give you a rough time operating it, and it is the best tool; when you have too much grinding to do. You have to feed it a specific amount of herb at a time, and that is probably its main drawback.


    You can tell the functionality of a grinder by the compartments it has, and the most common ones will be two-piece grinders that create one compartment. The grinder is cheap, but it delivers inconsistent sizes after grinding weed. The other option is a three-piece grinder that improves the sizes and gives you a consistent grinding experience. Advance grinders have four pieces, and they have three compartments. They have the third compartment meant for pollen and kief. It may also have different grinder teeth sizes to give you a specific choice of granules for your weed.


    Price will be the last thing to look at for obvious reasons. You want to first narrow down to what you want and then compare among manufacturers to find the most affordable option.

    Guide to Buying Your New Weed Grinder When someone says that they need coffee with cream and add a little sugar, you tend to see the instruction as very easy, until you try. It requires skill, ]]>