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40 Unique Modern Flatware Sets That You Can Buy Right Now

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Whether you’re planning to highlight to a gorgeous heirloom dish set or just want to complement your budding collection of everyday service, flatware is an investment worth serious consideration. For those seeking formal dinnerware, guests will come in direct contact with the cutlery far more often than the other table elements. For everyday use, it pays to find a set that feels just as comfortable in the hand as it does on the eye. This guide details 40 flatware sets that have some type of unique feature or finish – something that can help set your dining arrangement apart from the rest.

Flatware is the star of any dinner setting. Use this guide to find your signature flatware style.

Single cutlery pieces

  1. Alteo
  2. Ambiente
  3. Atic
  4. Atic Plus
  5. Atria
  6. Augsburger Faden
  7. Bellano
  8. Boston
  9. Classic Line
  10. Corio
  11. Corvo
  12. Denver
  13. Diamondis
  14. Dune
  15. Evoque
  16. Flame
  17. Flame Plus
  18. Fächer
  19. Habitum
  20. Iconic
  21. Jette
  22. Kent
  23. Kent Plus
  24. Kult
  25. Kult Plus
  26. Linum
  27. Lyric
  28. Lyric Plus
  29. Merit
  30. Nuova
  31. Palermo
  32. Palma
  33. Philadelphia
  34. Prego
  35. Premiere
  36. Signum
  37. Silk
  38. Sinus
  39. Sonic
  40. Stamp
  41. Stratic
  42. Sydney
  43. Tratto
  44. Virginia
  45. Vision
  1. Cromargan protect
  2. Cromargan® 18/10 stainless steel
  3. Gift box
  4. Stainless steel

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WMF spoons – where classic design meets top-quality workmanship

Spoons are an essential part of your cutlery set

You can’t cook without spoons! WMF spoons complement your cutlery sets in extraordinary ways. A range of appealing designs combines with high-quality materials to guarantee you will enjoy your spoons for a long time to come.

Spoons – the oldest utensils in the world

Spoons have been used for thousands of years, and were the first type of cutlery to be developed. They are designed with the shape of your hand in mind. The first spoons were made from wood or bone, whilst modern dinner spoons are made from high-quality materials, most commonly stainless steel. Of course, wooden spoons do still exist today, but they are largely used as cooking spoons or serving cutlery.

Traditional serving cutlery

A spoon always consists of two parts, a shaft and the bowl of the spoon. A dinner spoon has a flatter bowl than a soup spoon. You can choose your personal favourite from a wide range of WMF spoons, particularly with regards to the design of the shaft and the bowl. What all our dinner spoons have in common is a modern design combined with maximum functionality and an ergonomic feel. The normal spoon that forms a set along with knives and forks is known as a dinner spoon. This means you won’t get it mixed up with teaspoons, serving spoons or cream spoons, which are much smaller.

Quality materials for a long life expectancy

WMF offers you high-quality cutlery in the unique material Cromargan protect®. It has been internationally patented by WMF because of its high level of resistance to all kinds of wear and tear. As it is scratch resistant, your spoons will look as good as new even after years of use. Needless to say, Cromargan protect® is also rust-proof and dishwasher safe. Dinner spoons made from Cromargan® 18/10 stainless steel are ideal for households of all sizes. We also offer particularly high-quality dinner spoons in 925 sterling silver, a favoured option for special occasions.

Good taste starts with your spoons

Make sure to amaze your dinner guests with quality spoons that fit the contours of their hands, making eating a smooth and sensual experience. Our WMF dinner spoons have a unique feel to them from the shaft to the bowl, turning every bite into a highlight. Look through our different cutlery series and find the ones that best fit your style – there’s something for everyone in the WMF online shop!

Buy original WMF single cutlery pieces. Find cutlery, special cutlery pieces, children´s cutlery and tableware at the WMF online shop.