where to hide weed in car

Best place to hide weed in the car?

this guy gets it.

Haha, sorry about that, I totally forgot

Put it in the mirror that flips up on the sunflap. I don’t know how to explain it, but its the thing in front of your face when you drive that you can use to block the sun.

Since there is a mirror on it that flips up, you can sometimes hid it in there. A friend of mine got caught dealing and managed to hid $1000 from the deal without it getting confiscated.

whenever i watch cops, thats almost always the 1st thing they check for some reason, followed by the boxes.

Spare tire was a good idea but I dont recall my friend having that.

speaking from multiple experiences, it doesn’t help. it’ll still get confiscated.

keep it in the trunk and sealed well, and learn your rights so that you never get searched legally.

Thank god you’re just trolling.

Some many people actually hide pipes and weed in the glove box when driving. And also keep all of their registration info in the glove box. Then they get caught when they pull it out to give the cop.

all cars are different. I used to hide mine under my seat, there were weird cords and shit all over, you couldn’t see it or get your hand in there unless you knew where it was. Technically you could keep it in a bag anywhere and it doesn’t matter, roll down your windows when smoking in the car, don’t drive like a tool, be smart if you get stopped. No problems.

And at least get a pouch for your bowl. You can get a bigger one and fit and 8th in with your pipe. Or get a coke can stash safe for joints small pipes and small amounts of nugs

Friends and I just wrap it really good so it doesn’t smell and throw it under the car mat, but theres gotta be a better place? Anyone got a creative place to p

How to hide marijuana in the car. Keep out of trouble and hide your weed stash!

How To Hide Marijuana In Your Car.

Learn how to hide marijuana in your car for your own safety. The last thing that you want to happen is to have an encounter with the police unprepared.

By showing you how to hide marijuana we are not encouraging you to break the law, also the information we offer does not apply to every situation. However, there is risk to transporting marijuana and we would like to address that issue so we can all travel safely.

Steps to hide weed stash. Video at bottom

1. First of all, obey all traffic laws.

2. If you want to know how to hide marijuana in any situation, you must first know how to cover the smell of marijuana. If you get pulled over by the police you can bet on them using all of their senses, mainly sight, and smell.

Double bag your weed and place in a airtight sealed container, because the smell of weed goes through the plastic bags.

3. Now that it is double bagged and cased, you need to find a good place to put it.

Please do not just hop in the car and toss your sack into the center console, or glove compartment. Cops can easily spot it. Also purses, wallets, and day bags are easy to search so it is ultimately a bad place to put them.

4. You need to have a premeditated secret marijuana stash spot in your car that is suited for your container, and is also hard for the police to find.

DO make the police get down on their hands and knees to find your secret spot, the deeper, the darker, the better…

A good secret hiding spot is way under the dash board. There are many wires, metal and plastic slots in the framework of your car where you can wedge container. Police feel for pound when searching under the dash, put it especially deep if you are putting it there.

5. If not there, your car may have a unique small panel that is discreet and easy to pop on and off.

If only carrying a small joint, you can easily store that in a tiny crevice in the roof lining, or some other discreet crevice that holds the joint snug.

Never hide your weed in the outside of the car, such as in the gas tank, or in your bumpers. Police dogs can easily sense the weed walking up to the vehicle.

6. How to hide weed note: the longer it take you to find your own stash the longer it will take the police.

Try hiding something in the possible spot and have a close friend of your try to find it as if they were the police searching your car.

How to hide marijuana in the car. Keep out of trouble and hide your weed stash! How To Hide Marijuana In Your Car. Learn how to hide marijuana in your car for your own safety. The last thing