white plastic roll

White Overwintering Film

Farm Plastic Supply’s white plastic sheeting is used to diffuse light. If you are looking to spread out sunlight and reduce direct sun exposure, pure white or 55% overwintering white greenhouse film may be a great choice for you. We offer pure white for those who want to reduce direct sunlight. We also have some select 55% white that will be a bit brighter than the standard white. Overwintering white greenhouse film helps to keep a consistent temperature by reducing hot spots and cold spots typically found in clear nursery greenhouses. With Farm Plastic Supply white plastic sheeting, it is either pure white, opaque, or 55% white. Both are great quality products. We mostly offer our tough 6 mil white polyethylene sheeting but for our 25 wide film we offer a more economical 5 mil product. We have almost every size and we cut to length.

55% opaque overwintering white greenhouse film works as a great light diffuser that lets just a bit more light through than the standard white. Light diffusion will reduce direct sunlight rays and eliminate shadows. Use 55% white plastic sheeting for more light transmission or opaque white film for more intense diffusion. Translucent white greenhouse plastic will eliminate hot or cold spots by diffusing the light to provide for a consistent and steady temperature across the greenhouse. Some growers will use clear for the roof and opaque for the sides. There could be some strategy get the film mix just right for your horticultural greenhouse.

Our pure white opaque greenhouse film is also excellent for overwintering. White plastic sheeting keeps the temperature uniform under the film, which is one of the main objectives when protecting your plants. Our overwintering white greenhouse film also protects the plants from wind damage. Do not use a clear film for overwintering!

Call use if you want to inquire about our 4 UV products. Usually standard non-UV is a better choice for overwintering as UV is not a big issue in the colder months. Standard white and 55% both have minimal UV and are considered to be seasonal covers.

Farm Plastic Supply also has 100% light deprivation covers, Total Black Out. These are also used as 100% black out greenhouse films.

Overwintering white greenhouse film regulates UV and temperatures, critical for healthy plant growth. Grow your plants right with our white plastic sheeting!