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11 of the Best Wooden Pipes in the World Right Now! And one bonus item!

Pipes are one of the most common methods of cannabis consumption amongst recreational users. In general, smoking pipes are inexpensive, easily transportable and provide an efficient way to smoke at a moments notice. Pipes can be made with a variety of products and include glass, ceramic and even wooden pipes. They also come in a variety of shapes, including the corn cob, Sherlock style, or Meerschaum pipes.

Wooden Weed Pipes, similar to that of wood tobacco pipes, are nostalgic in nature and carry with them a natural and outdoorsy vibe. Often times wooden pipes are used more so for their sense of style and flair rather than their efficiencies, adding a more smokey and earth flavour to your cannabis experience. You can actually change the flavour profile of your flower by using a weed pipe; it’s almost as if you were “smoking” your weed the same way you would be smoking meat, tofu or tempeh.

When searching for a wooden marijuana pipe, it is important to find pipes made of Cherry or Briar Wood, which are considered the best wood for pipes. Both a Cherry and Briar pipe are dense in nature and easy for carving and sanding. Both woods can handle a high amount of heat, which is, of course, essential for smoking. Cherry wood, Black Cherry Wood in particular, is hands down the most recommended due to its more pleasant tasting flavour, beautiful grain and density. So whether you’re lighting up your tobacco pipe or loading it with the finest Mary Jane, know you’ll be doing so with a quality pipe.

Wooden pipes are durable, practical and can last decades. In this article you will find the best Wooden Pipes in the world right now based on their uniqueness, practicality and price. Pipes aren’t all you’ll find out there crafted out of wood though, so we’ve included one bonus item at the end of the list that might make your toking days slightly easier!

Basic Wood Dugout with Gold Leaf Inlay Slider Lid Carved Wood One-Hitter Pipe – $8.99

We love the golden leaf accent on this unique wooden pipe!

This small carved wooden one hitter pipe is great for a quick toke no matter if you use it as a tobacco pipe or for your favourite herb! It’s compact size and dugout compartment to hold your stash makes it perfect for travelers. Simply dip the bat into the dugout to load the pipe with your marijuana of choice and walla! You are ready to go. Putting the lid back into place keeps your stash safely contained in one small package that fits perfectly into your pocket or bag.

What We Love:

  • Convenient
  • Compact size
  • Quality construction
  • Dual Purpose

Sun Token Solar Dome Pipe – $94.95

Get your hands on this unforgettable pipe!

How cool is this piece?! The Sun Token Solar Dome Pipe by Sun Token Products is truly a functional piece of art. Again, another showcase piece, the intelligent and sleek design makes this piece easy to use and provides an intense solar dome hit experience. The body is constructed of cherry hardwood, the best wood to use when crafting wooden pipes. There is a working magnetic head and magnifying lens. The borosilicate glass parts are sturdy but easily replaceable. Every part of this piece can be disassembled for a thorough yet simple cleansing.

What we Love:

  • Showcase Piece
  • Easy to disassemble
  • Easy to Clean
  • Intense smoking experience
  • Glass components are easily replaceable

Marley Naturals Taster Bat with Wooden Mouthpiece – $34.99

Marley Naturals is known for their beautifully crafted, quality pieces, and this pipe is no different. They bring two natural elements, glass and wood, together in this über portable taster pipe. About the size of a lighter, you’ll be able to take a hit of your favourite Mary Jane strain at home or on the go with friends. In addition to the quality craftsmanship, we also love the very reasonable price for this stylish wooden and glass pipe.

  • Portability: you can take this pipe anywhere
  • Beautiful, yet still simple design
  • Great price point

Briar Wood Hand Pipe – $19.99

Not the most complex design on our list, but certainly a functional one, and, perhaps best of all, this marijuana pipe is made out of briar wood. This extra-hardy wood makes for a super durable pipe that’s perfect for slipping into a pocket and heading out the door. The bowl is medium in size, so you can even pass it around if you’re feeling generous!

  • Briar wood construction = durable
  • Take it anywhere
  • Random colour choices means you get a surprise when it’s delivered

Colorful Wooden Portable Pipe – $17.99

  • Full of personality
  • Lightweight and small make for a portable pipe
  • Low price means you still have enough cash for the weed that you’ll put inside it!

Portable Wooden Pipe – $17.99

Folks will think you spent a lot more than you did when they see you pull out this cute wooden pipe. Reviewers highlight its shape, noting that it lies nicely in the hand. This, combined with its portability and beautiful multi-toned, wooden construction, is why we have selected it as one of our favorite wooden pipes.

What we love:

  • Ergonomic shape means it’s easy and comfortable to grip
  • Portable, meaning you can take it wherever you go
  • Multi-toned wooden construction

The Slider – $18.99

Another simple but unique design, the Slider is a great gift idea. It’s also the perfect option if you want a quality wooden pipe that’s also more discreet. This stealth pipe weighs just 20 grams, and the sliding top hides the bowl. This means you can easily tuck it into a pocket without any residue or remaining herb falling out. It also means you’ll have an easier time keeping the identity of what this little pipe really is – be it a tobacco pipe or dry herb pipe – all to yourself.

  • Stealth pipe that’s more discreet than a Sherlock Holmes pipe
  • Sliding top keeps things tidy and discreet
  • Quite unique, making it a great gift idea!

Baby Gear Head Pipe – Walnut and Steel – $78.00

Get lost in the intricate woodwork of this awesome wooden pipe! Photo: @Steven Mattern

Looking for unique wooden pipes? Check out Steven Mattern Designs in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This is one of the most intricately designed and innovative wooden pot pipes on the market right now. A Steampunk inspired pipe, it’s laser cut from walnut, and features a geared lid that reveals TWO smoking bowls beneath. This pipe in particular is inspired by performance, curiosity and digital fabrication. Rotating lids cover two smoking bowls beneath and allow for easy transportation of the pipe when loaded. The innovative design also ensures that the lid cuts off exposure to oxygen, which stops the cannabis from smoldering after smoking.

What We Love:

  • Gorgeous Craftsmanship
  • Laser Cut Carved Wooden Pipe
  • Discreet, small and compact
  • Two smoking chambers
  • Wood Pipe With Lid
  • Portable Design Features
  • Intricate Wooden Carvings

Auenland Pipe Balbor from Vauen, handwork aka Gandalf Smoking Pipe – $165.83

You and Gandalf are sure to be buddies if you smoke from this pipe!

This Lord of the Rings inspired pipe creates a magical smoking experience that embodies the essence of wizadary. The Wooden Gandalf Pipe can be very popular, user friendly and, truthfully, just looks cool. This long wooden pipe is made of exquisite Briar wood, a common wood used in tobacco pipe making, with a smooth finish. The handle is made with a plastic tube and is resistant to moisture. Purchase includes a printed velvet bag and pipe cleaner.

What We Love:

  • Beautiful elegant shape
  • Unique
  • Comes with a pipe cleaner and velvet storage bag
  • Similar to a traditional smoking pipe

Wooden Tobacco Smoking Pipe With Cap

Like a bear to honey, so too can you get your hands on the sweetness!

This all natural smoking pipe is handcrafted from high-quality walnut wood and does not contain any harmful chemicals. Its unique design and style with copper lid and curved body is sure to grab your attention. Elegant, sleek and affordable, this pipe will create a luxury smoking experience and reveal a unique taste to your cannabis of choice. Showcase this piece in your collection or display in your home! This piece is sure to generate conversation amongst you and your smoking patrons.

What We Love:

  • Affordable
  • Unique and Elegant
  • Showstopper Piece
  • All Natural Wood
  • No Harmful Chemicals Used

Are you looking to channel your inner Gandalf? Maybe you're looking for the perfect portable pipe to accompany on your nature adventures? Looking for a wooden pipe can be a lot of fun because they always boast a lot of personality! Could the pipe that speaks to you be on this list? There's only one way to find out!

Wooden Pipes

  • Price (low to high)
  • Price (high to low)
  • Name (A – Z)
  • Name (Z – A)

The Cosmos Pocket Pipe is a wooden pipe that will allow you to easily smoke out and about!

Gaia was the personification of the Earth and one of the Greek primordial deities worshipped as the creator of the universe.

The RAW Natural Pipe is hand made using a sustainable, uncoated, natural eco-wood called Brown Knotwood from the Pearl Valley of Fujian china. It resembles the classic shape of a Sherlock pipe and features the logo laser-etched into the stem.

The Wooden Mushroom Pipe is a very discreet but highly functional wooden pipe. It also helps that it looks awesome. Available in a Small and Large version.

The world is your oyster – go forth and explore all its glories and wonders. Life is a learning adventure for those brave enough to seek the truth!

Unlock the secret to life itself! These Ankh Pendant Pipes will always be with you when you need to answer life’s big questions.

The Artemis Pipe is hand carved from rich dark wood and allows you to transition from the state of stress to relaxation in a mere few tokes.

This Aztec Pendant Pipe is a pocket sized pipe with a hand carved Aztec style face.

The Cobra Pipe is ideal for those of us who are maybe a little on the clumsy side. The flat, sit-up base helps prevent spillages and is good for resting between tokes.

The Coco Pocket Pipe has been carved from wood and hand made in India. This simple but beautifully designed pipe is ideal for travelling.

The Cross Pendant Pipe is a small wooden pipe with a cord attached for hanging around your neck. Ideal for travelling.

Discover the secrets of the meta-physical world as you enjoy a leisurely smoke on the Discovery Pipe. A sleek, slim design, it suits the sophisticated philosopher!

Take the Forest Pipe out to nature and find true relaxation.

The sister pipe to the Forest Pipe, the Forest Pipe Too is another natural work of art for your relaxation pleasure!

Once more unto the forest, dear friends, once more! The essence of nature is in The Forest Again Pipe.

Take a leisurely cruise down the Ganges as you relax with your Ganges Pipe.

The Grandalf Pipe is a beautiful wooden pipe. Ideal for kicking back with friends and blowing smoke rings into the night air.

The Guitar Pipe is a wooden pipe lovingly hand made in India.

The Guitar Star Pipe is a fun and stylish wooden pipe for all aspiring guitar legends.

Get as high as the Himalayas with the Himalayan Pipe. A nice, sociable size with a large, deep bowl.

Practise the ultimate peace with a Jaina Pipe. These beautiful pipes are hand carved from gorgeous wood in India.

The Jali Pocket Pipe is perfectly suited for travel due to its compact size. This beautiful pipe has been handmade in India with a Jali cut out design.

The Jungle Pipe is covered in beautiful engravings of leaves, and has an exciting, chunky shape. This is a pipe to get primal with!

So called because of the uncanny resemblance to that legendary instrument, the Kazoo Pipe is a must have!

The Knubbler Pipe is pleasantly contoured and, well, ‘knubbly’ for your sensory pleasure!

In Hinduism, the goddess Lakshmi is the embodiment of beauty. This pipe, with its gentle curves and clean lines is of a similar ilk!

Even if the world ends in 2012, at least you’ll always have your Maian Pendant Pipe to hand.

The Maison Pipe is homely and rustic. Hand made from natural wood, this is a great pipe for home and for travel.

The Naga US Pipe is a perfectly pocket sized pipe, ideal for home and travel.

Lay back under the stars, as the meaning of the universe comes to you. Smoking an Orion Pipe will, of course, help.

Go really deep with your relaxation techniques with this beautiful wood and resin Pilates Pipe.

The Scholar Pipe is a classy and attractive traditional wooden pipe. Simple, clean lines give this pipe a truly classic feel.

The Sentinel Pipe is a great sit-up style pipe. Made from natural wood with a steel join, this pipe is great for resting between tokes.

The Spiky Lizard Pipe is so named because it resembles, well, a Spiky Lizard. Please note, Spiky Lizard is not included.

The Banjo Pipe is highly original in its design and beautifully finished. The stripes of different wood give this pipe a particularly attractive look.

The Striped Pocket Pipe is a small wooden pipe, ideal for travelling.

The Swaying Reeds Pipe is a handy pocket sized pipe with beautiful reed-like engravings.

Rustic and pocket sized, the Urchin Pipe is a great little pipe for home and travel.

The Wooden Claw Pipe is a hand crafted pipe made from a beautifully finished hardwood.

The Wooden Hawk Pipe has a stunning quality and finish that will exceed your expectations.

Rustic and elegant, The Woodsman Pipe is a great everyday piece for your smoking collection.

Beautifully hand made from wood and resin, the Yoga Pipe is certain to aid you in all your meditations!

Pocket Pipes are ideal for travel, as they fit perfectly in your pocket. The Zebra Pocket Pipe has a funky stripe design.

Create your own sense of relaxation and wonder with a Brahma Pipe.

Be at one with the universe; smoke the 2 Way Shiva Pipe either as a regular pipe or as a chillum.

Get yourself in a Tantric twist! The 2-Way Tantra can be assembled in two different positions – either as a pipe or as a chillum. Beautifully hand carved.

Get yourself in a Tantric twist! The 2-Way Tantra can be assembled in two different positions – either as a pipe or as a chillum. Beautifully hand carved.

Get yourself in a Tantric twist! The 2-Way Tantra can be assembled in two different positions – either as a pipe or as a chillum. Beautifully hand carved.

The Large Karma Pipe is beautifully hand carved. A sociable length with a large bowl.

Get as High as the Himalayas, and ascend to the top of Everest with the Everest XL Pipe.

Open all your chakras for a truly relaxing smoke, with the Chakra US Sit-up Pipe.

Wooden Smoking Pipes Travel Sized

At Shiva, we have a great range of wooden pipes, all beautifully hand carved. Wood is a naturally occurring material, so this means that the grain pattern of each pipe will be slightly different. Take a look at our range and the different styles, shapes and sizes will amaze you. If you are looking for a compact pipe that will fit in the pocket and is ideal for travelling, check out the Tapered Pocket Pipe or the Mandolin Pipe. On the other hand, if you like to party, then we have some pipes with larger party sized bowls such as the Forest Pipe. We also have a range of wooden pipes that can convert from a pipe to a chillum, such as the Two Way Brahma Pipe.

The Aztec Pendant Pipe is a great item if you want to have your pipe handy at all times. Decorated with an Aztec face, this charming pipe will easily fit in your pocket. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can attach a cord and hang it round your neck.

The Cobra Pipe is ideal for anyone who likes to relax as they smoke. Lay back and enjoy yourself with this stylish pipe. The design of the pipe means that you can place it down on a flat surface between tokes. This convenient feature also helps to prevent spillages. Hand-made from wood, the Cobra Pipe has a metal mouthpiece for hygiene as well as a metal base. The pipe also has a good sized bowl, which ensures a great hit.

With its stylish long stem, the Discovery Pipe is one for the philosophers. Therefore, if you like pondering the mysteries of the universe whilst smoking, this might be the pipe for you. The stem comes in four lengths, the longest being 320 mm in length! These stylish pipes are made of dark sleek wood with a medium sized bowl. The bowl unscrews for easy cleaning.

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