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Free Shipping – If Order is $15.00 or More.


We offer a great selection of one hitter dugouts. Each includes a metal cigarette style one hitter bat. Our smoking dugouts come in a wide variety of standard and exotic woods. Also available in both compact and standard sizes. Designed with both slide and twist style tops. Check out our upgraded one hitters in our Dugout Bats section. The quality wood and extreme workmanship put into our products, make these the perfect gift. We ship within 2 – 5 days, and always go with USPS where available. We have secure servers and exchange zero customer information.

Free Shipping – If Order is $15.00 or More.
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A Great Selection of Click Here to Find Your Favorite . Metal, Wood, Plastic we have them all. Diamond Cut Teeth or Pegs, pick your style. Great selection even more than we can show! Diamond Tooth Herb Grinders made from CNC machined billet aluminum. Huge Discounts on big orders! We ship in 2 – 5 Days and always go with UPS where available. We have secure servers and exchange zero customer information.

Free Shipping – If Order is $15.00 or More.

Smoking Pipes Depot. We Have a Huge Selection of Pipes. Metal, Glass, Wood, Meerschaum, Silicone & Ceramic. Build Your Own Custom Pipe Here. Bubblers, Spoons & Bongs Too

Wooden Pipes

Wooden pipes have been used for thousands of years and make a great addition to any smoking collection. Wood offers a unique finish no matter what you’re smoking. They’re portable, convenient, and incredibly simple to use. A refined wooden pipe can let you smoke on the go, making them an excellent choice if you primarily smoke with a water pipe.

From traditional long-stem pipes to wooden pipes that are carved in the shape of popular themes and characters, our wooden pipes are all handcrafted right here in the United States. We use only the finest woods, meaning you’ll have an exceptional smoking experience when you choose a wooden pipe from Smoke Day.

Why Wood?

If you’re an experienced smoker, you’ll definitely notice a difference when you smoke from a wood pipe compared to smoking from glass or metal. The rich wood flavor adds depth and opens up the subtle flavors of your herb or tobacco.

Our high-quality construction means our wooden pipes are going to last. You won’t have to worry about splintering or crumbling after consistent use.

Just like glass pipes, wooden pipes are simple to pack and use. Pack it up with your favorite herb or tobacco, light it up, and enjoy. Make sure you don’t pack it too tight or you might clog up the pipe, which can be harder to clean. We recommend emptying and cleaning your pipe every time you use it.

Is Wood Right For Me?

We always recommend a smoker use a wooden pipe at least once. The rich wood flavor adds a unique layer of complexity, regardless of what you’re smoking. In addition to improving the flavor and being extremely portable, our wooden pipes are also very affordable.

If you’re not interested in a wooden pipe, we have pipes made of other material including acrylic and metal to choose from. Each material creates a unique smoking experience, so picking up a glass, metal, and wooden pipe can create a different experience smoking the same herb or tobacco. No matter what piece you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find it at Smoke Day.

The Smoke Day Difference

We pride ourselves in being one of the top smoke shops online today. From our high-end water pipes to our under-$10 selection, we never compromise on quality and strive to provide you with the best smoking products available on the market today.

Regardless of what you’re looking for, we can help you get it. If you’re new to wooden pipes or you’re just looking for something different, our selection of pipes is always high-quality and affordable. Check out our selection of incredible wooden pipes and other smoking pipes online, and be sure to add one to your collection today.

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