yocan uni review

Yocan Uni Review & Manual Instructions

by: Colby M. | 01/29/20 2:30PM

If you are the type of person who enjoys vaping oils, dry herbs, and waxes then Yocan should definitely be on your radar. All Yocan vaporizers are constructed with high-quality materials and have been designed to be incredibly user friendly, which is a major reason why we are such huge fans of the brand here at NY Vape Shop. In this article we will be discussing one vaporizer in particular, the Yocan Uni.

The Yocan Uni is a great vaporizer with its patented adjustable magnetic 510 thread atomizer compatibility. Indeed, the Uni has been built to fit just about any atomizer on the market today, excluding atomizers designed for specific units. This vaporizer is both sleek and compact making it ideal for portable use. Also, we cannot help but mention that the Uni is very affordable at a price point. The low price point on this vape makes it one of the more accessible oil vaporizers on the market today.

Both novices and experts will find value in the Yocan Uni because it is beyond easy to work with in terms of atomizers — there are very few limitations as to what will fit this mod. In addition to being universally compatible, the Uni includes all of the normal features one would expect with a major brand vaporizer today — adjustable pre-set wattages, lightning quick pre-heating, and an oil level window to ensure you never run low. Not to mention the fact that the Uni also works with dry herb and wax cartridges as well. Practically everything about this vaporizer is a win-win.

The Yocan Uni Kit

The Yocan Uni’s kit is pretty standard and comes with all of the components you would usually expect with a mod of this type. In addition to the device itself, the kit includes a USB charging cable, magnetic 510 ring (for your 510 thread atomizers), and user manual. At NY Vape Shop we also offer additional kit components such as dry herb and wax atomizers if vaping oils is not what you are looking to do.

Yocan Uni Specifications

While it may be simplistic in design, the Yocan Uni comes chocked with multiple features that make it stand out from the pack. Mainly, the Uni features adjustable height and diameter sliders to guarantee that your 510-thread atomizer will fit effortlessly. No more worrying about whether your favorite atomizer will fit your newly purchased mod. The Uni is powered by a robust 650mAh battery with three different pre-set wattages (the Uni does not give users full control over wattage). That being said, this vape is perfectly capable of vaporizing all of your oils, dry herbs, and waxes. There is a standard firing button with this mod as well. In place of an OLED display the Uni utilizes a light indicator to communicate wattages and battery levels to users. Another nice touch is the fill window which makes it incredibly easy to keep track of your oil levels. As with most mods today, the Uni has a USB charging port making things simple and straightforward in the charging department.

Notable Features

When thinking about the Yocan Uni one feature in particular stands out from the rest, this mod truly is universal. The Uni has been designed to fit practically any 510-thread atomizer regardless of size. An irritating fact about atomizers is that they can sometimes not fit your mod even if it is 510 thread compatible. Yocan’s Uni does away with this headache by building a vaporizer that can be adjusted to specifically fit your atomizer’s specifications. This is accomplished with Yocan’s magnetic 510 ring and diameter/height adjustment sliders. Is your atomizer too tall? Simply use the height adjustment slider. Too wide? There is a slider for that too. These features alone are what makes this mod stand out from the thousands of other mods on the market today. We should also mention that this mod is super affordable making it less intimidating for newer users who may be hesitant at purchasing a more expensive piece of kit.

How does the Yocan Uni compare to vaporizers?

The easiest way to showcase the Uni’s excellence is by comparing it to two other Yocan vaporizers, the Hive 2.0 and Stix. Firstly, the Hive 2.0 would be the closest thing to the Uni with its box mod shape, preset wattages, and overall portability. The similarities end there however since the Hive 2.0 is specifically designed to vape e-liquids and waxes while the Uni is capable of vaping dry herbs, oils, and waxes, but not e-liquids. Furthermore, the Uni mainly stands out with its 510 thread adjustments and universal compatibility. If we further compare the Uni with the Stix the differences continue to be apparent. The Stix is designed for vaporizing e-liquid and comes in the form of a pen. While the Stix is a fantastic e-liquid vaporizer that is super easy to use, it does not offer the same features and functionality as the Uni which was built purely for functionality, hence the adjustable 510 ring. In terms of other vaporizers at large, the Uni is highly affordable and has the “universal” compatibility” no other vape offers.

How do I use the Yocan Uni Vaporizer?

Perhaps this article swayed you to purchase your very own Yocan Uni and it just arrived at your doorstep. Now what? Luckily, using the Uni is incredibly simple and required very little input on the part of the user. To begin, we want to slide the 510 magnetic ring into the unit —this will be needed to install your atomizer. Next, you will want to slide your atomizer into the mod. If it is too tall or wide use the adjustment sliders on the mod to find the perfect fit.

Once we have the atomizer installed and the unit has been filled with our oil or dry herbs/waxes, rapidly click the power button twice to begin the pre-heating process. This should take about 10 seconds. To adjust your wattage simply pre ss the power button three times to cycle through the different wattage settings.The display lights will reflect the wattage — three lights on equals high whilst only one light equals low wattage. Medium wattages is indicated with two lights.

With everything powered up and good to go it is time to get vaping. Press the firing button and inhale at a slow, consistent rate. Turning the unit off is same as powering it on —rapidly press the power button twice.

Keeping the Yocan Uni clean

You should take care of the Yocan Uni like you would for any other vaporizer. It is recommended to frequently clean the mouthpiece and ensure no dirt or grime has been built up in the 510 thread ring. Besides basic maintenance, users do not have to do much else to keep their vape in working order.

Charging the Yocan Uni

Like most other vaporizers today, the Yocan Uni uses a standard USB charging cable that attaches to a port on the side of the mod. One nice feature about the Uni is the fact that you can charge it whilst it is standing to avoid any oil leakages or other issues. It is recommended to fully drain and charge the battery in between settings to ensure the longevity of the 650mAh battery.

Final words on the Yocan Uni Vaporizer

The Yocan Uni vaporizer is the definition of convenience and simplicity for vape users with its universal compatibility and user-friendly design. This vaporizer has been designed to suit the needs of a wide range of users. You can vape oils, dry herbs, and waxes with ease when using the Uni. We also cannot neglect the fact that the Uni is affordable making it accessible to all users. It is safe to say we are big fans of this mod here at NY Vape Shop.

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