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What is the best lighter for weed?

Well, It all Depends.

The type of weed lighter you decide to blaze up with, directly correlates with the method that your choosing to get high.

Smoking a joint on a windy day is most probably going to require a completely different lighter, to say, if you were relaxing while hitting your favourite bong with friends.

Not just that, picking a lighter that’s safe to use is another concern very few smokers rarely think of.

For instance, depending on your method of smoking, a plasma lighter may not be the best choice for every method of smoking in terms of your health.

Ingesting Ozone can have some pretty bad health effects, so please tread carefully if a plasma lighter is your goto weed lighter of choice.

Of course, with most forms of smoking weed, you’ll be entirely fine just using your everyday Bic lighter in many circumstances, so by all means, blaze away.

If on the other hand, you’re after something a little bit different from the norm. A weed lighter that makes getting high, so much easier?

Then carry on reading.

As the team at The Highest Crop have put together a comprehensive list of 5 of the most popular and best lighters for weed used by marijuana smokers from around the world

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Lighters for cannabis: here are five of the best

You might not need a lighter specifically designed for cannabis, but you’ll still want a good one

Whether or not you need a special lighter for firing up a joint is debatable, but having a good lighter in your arsenal is never a bad thing. Photo by Paul Bradbury / iStock /Getty Images Plus

Have you ever wondered whether you need a special lighter for cannabis, as opposed to, say, a run-of-the-mill Bic disposal that you would use to light a candle or (heaven forbid!) a cigarette?

We wondered, so naturally we googled it. And what we got was page after page of listicles, all purporting to inform the reader about the best lighters for cannabis. Listicles just like this one, in fact! And each one of them recommended such a broad range of products that we had to conclude that the answer to the above question is a resounding no.

Now that we have established that you don’t need a special lighter for firing up a joint, we should note that this doesn’t mean all lighters are created equal. You might not need one specifically designed for cannabis, but you’ll still want a good one.

What makes for a good lighter is purely subjective, of course. In our opinion, the best lighter for cannabis is one that is easy to use and works consistently. If it also looks cool, that’s a bonus. Here’s a short list of our picks, and they might just tick all of your boxes too.

Tesla Coil lighter

Yes, it has the name “Tesla” on it, but rest assured that Elon Musk had nothing to do with making this lighter—although it does look like the type of thing you might find in the glove box of a Cybertruck. This device is named after the pioneering Serbian-American engineer Nikola Tesla. He’s the dude who invented the electrical resonant transformer circuit that later became known as the Tesla coil. You’ll find one at every science museum on the planet, and not really anywhere else except in arc welders, where they function as igniters. They can also function as igniters of your weed. Find it here.

  • Electricity! It’s the power source of the future, and it also means no more butane smell when you light up.
  • Imagine never having to mess around with a bottle of lighter fluid ever again.

Guevara torch lighter

This particular torch was designed for lighting cigars, and manufactured by a Chinese firm named in honour of Ernesto “Che” Guevara, who was known to puff on a Montecristo No. 4 while he was plotting the overthrow of U.S.-backed dictatorships. Weird geopolitics aside, you’ve to admit that the dual-jet flame looks pretty badass, and that this is probably way more lighter than you actually need for sparking up your home-rolled Mary Jane. Find it here.

  • This thing is built like a tank.
  • You can use it upside down! Which is pretty handy if you’re a) lighting a bong or b) trying to scare off a Demogorgon.

Higher Standards Zippo

For weed connoisseurs with artsy aspirations, Higher Standards is a go-to brand. Known for its collaborations with the likes of Jonathan Adler and the estate of Keith Haring, Higher Standards has set, well, a high standard with its stylish accessories, glassware, and apparel. The Higher Standards Zippo is the best of both worlds; a sleekly designed and highly functional lighter for cannabis. Available in black or white, this made-in-the-USA product is windproof and refillable—in other words, it’s a classic Zippo, which is pretty hard to beat. Find it here.

  • There’s a reason why your dad still has his own father’s Zippo lighter, and it’s because they’re damn near indestructible.
  • Easy to use.

Miyare Wheel lighter

Remember The Wild Wild West? Depending on your age, it was either a TV show starring Robert Conrad or a Will Smith movie. In any case, it was essentially a steampunk western, and this lighter looks like something its protagonist, James West, might have carried around in his boot. Does that make it the best lighter for cannabis? Who knows, but it would make a very fine gift for anyone whose personal style draws more cues from Jules Verne than it does from Sincerely Jules. Find it here.

  • Has the look and feel of a vintage WWI trench lighter, but without the collectibles-market price tag.
  • Sliding wind guard means you can light up in any weather.

Eiwoda waterproof lighter

This is the lighter that will get you through the coming zombie apocalypse—assuming USB chargers are still working, that is. It looks more like a piece of high-end outdoors equipment than your typical weed lighter. And that’s because it basically is a piece of camping gear. If you want rugged, you’re looking at it. This waterproof, windproof, dual-plasma-arc lighter will likely outlive us all—even the zombies. Find it here.

  • This is a whole lot of lighter for not a lot of money.
  • Seems basically bombproof; just don’t let the army of the undead get their rotting mitts on it.

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While you might not need a specially designed lighter for cannabis, you'll still want a good one—especially with Zombie Apocalypse coming. ]]>